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Zap Zatkoff

In just one game, the Penguins went from a 1.0 goals against average (GAA) to a 2.3 goals against average (GAA).  I know it is just one game; however, I am not overreacting. Zatkoff looks like a "deer in headlights."  See the picture below.  LOL!   I mean, this is the NHL, if you are giving up 6 goals every time you are in goal, you will lose 100% of your games.  Zatkoff is the Penguins back-up choice due to a blood clot injury for Tomas Vokoun.

If I was Bylsma, I would look to replace Zatkoff immediately.  Granted, I understand that the "Flower" needs a rest.  Similarly,  a catcher in baseball may need a rest, but the Penguins need to focus on being competitive.  Obviously, getting a veteran, competitive back-up will involve paying some serious money.  Since the Penguins are having "cap" issues, they would have to get rid of a few players to make room for a new goalie.  Again, this is a tough decision, but the Penguins need replace Zatkoff and soon.  I anticipate and expect Fleury to be in goal tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning as this will save another debacle.

Jeff Zatkoff

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