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Witt hit on Malkin

Witt lays out Malkin

25 Responses to “Witt hit on Malkin”

  1. guitarplayer1338 says:

    the hit wasn’t even good and malkin is without a doubt better than that piece of shit

  2. GuitarHeroPlaya12 says:

    @jacob12721 i know sheesh

  3. jacob12721 says:

    @GuitarHeroPlaya12 not a elbow hit with his shoulder first then the elbow came up but never made contact with malkin an elbow call is only called when the elbow is the first point of contact.

  4. hockeydude19sb says:

    @WEGSxIRISH idc loll

  5. WEGSxIRISH says:

    @hockeydude19sb lol this is like 4 years ago…

  6. NYYbronx28 says:

    @Johannson6990 yes you areeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  7. Johannson6990 says:

    @NYYbronx28 whaaatttt a bitttchhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. NYYbronx28 says:

    @Johannson6990 a bitch? are you fucking KIDDING me?! Lets get you one the ice and have someone do exactly what witt did to evgeni to YOU, and then lets see you get up and skate away with an bad injury like that. I bet you’d have to be carried off the ice. Don’t call him a bitch, he’s a man.

  9. hockeydude19sb says:

    sit the fuck down malkin

  10. ZatchPatch says:

    Doesn’t matter Brendan Witt will never amount to anything.

  11. GuitarHeroPlaya12 says:

    that shouldve been an elbow call

  12. IrishHeroMan says:

    The elbow came up after the contact was made.

  13. th4970 says:

    What are you trying to say then? …

  14. arnihockey says:

    @saiAhikaru not only in the nhl but in the world…?? what is that supose to mean ha ha ha think with your head common man

  15. gussinajninen says:

    @John97Cena yepp clean elbow probably to the chin

  16. John97Cena says:

    It was fucking elbowing, you can see it in 0:57 and so on.

  17. raptors11111 says:

    I’m surprised Witt didn’t get a penalty in todays NHL, 2 minutes for a big hit on a star player.

  18. gongargongar says:

    Malkin should take notes. Maybe he’ll stop throwing elbows to heads and boarding people.

  19. zigzagzable says:

    I believe that’s the definition of “The Hairy Eye”

  20. WakeTheDead300 says:

    damn he hit a wall!

  21. TonyPike67 says:

    They play ” hit me with your best shot” after the hit lol

  22. goat6668 says:

    @Kipperluongo o dude, duh… that was a huge deal. my bad, still not in hockey mode yet. oct-may is just hockey hockey hockey haha, i need a few months off. but yea, good call. leafs win that trade in the short term. i think the hawks will like that trade in about 3 or 4 years.

  23. Kipperluongo says:

    @goat6668 lol stalberg was traded for kris versteeg early in the offseason lol

  24. goat6668 says:

    @Kipperluongo definitely, i was pretty surprised you guys were as bad as you were last year. i really like stalberg, i think he can be really good. not sure if hes gunna get sent back down again this year or stay in the big league but well see. either way i dont think youll end up giving boston the 2nd overall pick this year.

  25. Kipperluongo says:

    @goat6668 it’ll be close, our biggest issue this year will be scoring, our pk, goaltending and defense are good enough to make the playoffs it’s just the scorung. You never know a guy like bozak might step up and give us over 60 points you never know.

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