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Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Buffalo Sabres

The outdoor game between Pittsburgh vs Buffalo.The last 40 seconds of overtime followed by the shootout. It was a great game to watch.

25 Responses to “Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Buffalo Sabres”

  1. Rockmyboy19 says:

    they played this game today

  2. OreoBoyzJake13 says:

    crosby must love his jesus cuz theres no way that was skill

  3. apdanglez says:

    @katiezandiii of course i kno now lol

  4. katiezandiii says:

    @apdanglez its in pittsburgh vs the caps if you dont already know but that game’s gonna be a pretty amazing game

  5. speedersean says:

    @DumbThingsInLife broken leg

  6. GuitarTipsAndTricks says:

    I miss Colby Armstrong :(

  7. UltMitSinner78 says:

    I can’t believe 70,000+ yankee doodle dumb dumbs showed up for this. I thought USA hated hockey and only like sissy crap like baseball.

  8. mocklineage says:

    @drab6969 injured with an injury :P

  9. SCRJ94 says:

    that’s hockey!! the snow is falling down in front of 70’000 fans…

  10. jblgti146 says:

    @apdanglez if it doesnt snow then……there is no contest, none

  11. Beaner39 says:

    @apdanglez it has already been beaten. no game was better than this.

  12. apdanglez says:

    @katiezandiii pens are in it again and wheres it at??

  13. apdanglez says:

    @Beaner39 detroit vs chicago beat it

  14. CrazyKid000888000 says:

    Letang is such a beast

  15. peypey265 says:


  16. peypey265 says:

    Once again, Crosby kicked Miller’s ass.

  17. Theonlyuberpickle says:


    Just imagine good old Rick’s commentary, I’m should it’s up here somewhere on youtube.

  18. Theonlyuberpickle says:

    It was absolutely amazing to be at this historic game. Everybody in the stands were freezing their asses off, yet everybody stayed, that’s a hockey city for you. Shame it didn’t go our way, but nonetheless it’s something that I will remember forever.

  19. katiezandiii says:

    im lookin forward to the 2011 game..penguins vs. caps that means sidney vs. ovechkin. GO PENS!!

  20. louneso says:

    nice game **Canada**

  21. MrSabre85 says:

    ha miller and crosby

  22. locoCrazii27 says:

    @iloveheartyloaf more like face

  23. locoCrazii27 says:

    @MrStyxnaz yea ya fucking bitch let them play us now hmm.. wonder who would win SABRES!!!

  24. locoCrazii27 says:


  25. locoCrazii27 says:


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