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Winter Classic – Penguins @ Sabres 1/1/08

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres - played in Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY 1/1/08

25 Responses to “Winter Classic – Penguins @ Sabres 1/1/08”

  1. BullsBearsandCubs says:

    Red Wings/Hawks next year at Solider Field. NHL make it happen.

  2. sorgi8111 says:

    sounds like ed olcyk says game this shitty at 4:26 haha

  3. BullsBearsandCubs says:

    Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks from Soilder Field next year.

  4. mikeypowell says:

    Crosby ownz

  5. Thebloodhorror says:

    They should have these more often

  6. matt9807 says:

    Referees Did a Very Good Job out there ..

  7. spedlin1 says:

    great game i went sabres should of won

  8. JordanStrople says:

    Very good game…not a fan of the shoot out though. Pretty anti-climactic. But a good game non-the less.

  9. HeShootsHeScores66 says:

    By hating him, all you do is “overrate” him more. Live with it and shut up.

  10. HeShootsHeScores66 says:

    Crosby just pounded Spacek(I think) out of the way at 26 seconds..he should hit more, prove a few people wrong. Of course he bounced back too..but still. Great game =)

  11. DIeiagthht says:

    this was awesome!!!! it HAS to come back to buffalo…Crosby can’t come though next time.

  12. systmfreak says:

    Overrated? I think not. He’s the greatest young player in the NHL, has incredible speed, his stickhandling is insane and he can deke you out of your skates.

  13. Zandpro2712 says:

    1 word, Awesome

  14. ace99635 says:

    conklin put up a pretty solid performance. exciting game.

  15. cplkatten says:

    waiting for Frölunda Vs Färjestad @ Ullevi (outdoor) Sweden.

    its gonna be awsome!

  16. OILERS217 says:

    Oilers vs Canadians was better

  17. sabre3000 says:

    Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us

  18. bucklesisfake says:

    Hate him if you want, but he is the best player in the league, and the real deal. I guess League MVP and defending Points champion means nothing in your book.

  19. drallig16 says:

    Outdoor classic is awesome

  20. Garoco75 says:

    I’d love to see an outdoors NHL game in the home of hockey, Canada.

    I’m an Australian btw the way and I’d SWIM to Vancouver to see my Canucks play Calgary or Toronto.

  21. flyingrenz says:

    gotta love those lousy sabres hahha :)

  22. causeilovehockey2718 says:

    might be vs the flyers at penn state…..the penguins vs. the flyers …..i heard.

  23. slayer10pspds says:

    I hate crosby.. So overrated

  24. mikeman0124 says:

    red wings SUCK go AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. pghpens1 says:

    Rumor in the ‘Burgh is Pgh vs. Philly @ Penn State …Let’s hope the NHL is paying attention to all the attention .

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