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Who Gave Sidney Crosby Concussion WashCaps Steckal or TBLightning Hedman Who Gave Sidney Crosby Concussion WashCaps Steckal or TBLightning Hedman

25 Responses to “Who Gave Sidney Crosby Concussion WashCaps Steckal or TBLightning Hedman”

  1. Seefizzle says:

    @HorseChick000 Dude asks for concussions every night by being a whiny bitch and a dirty hockey player. I’m not in the pittsburgh market, so I don’t see crosby play all that much, but when I do see him play I can’t get over the fact of how much of a whiny bitch he is. And he’s one of the dirtiest sumbitches on the ice. He slashes people when he gets frustrated and takes cheap shots at people. If he keeps playing like this, this will be one of many concussions he suffers.

  2. ChrisJudkins13 says:

    @HorseChick000 Why don’t you shut the fuck up and go fuck a horse, just because you’re crushing on a faggot lipped dive champion doesn’t mean you’re right.

  3. ChrisJudkins13 says:

    @ghune Too much rednecks? You mean too many rednecks? You are clearly the redneck.

  4. santaliqueur says:

    Best player to EVER exist? Hold on there.

    I do think he’s currently the best in the world by a good margin, but the best player ever? Have you not heard of a guy named Mario Lemieux? Might want to look him up.

  5. ghune says:

    Too much rednecks here…
    It’s dangerous to do that, of course. When your big champions will stop playing at 25 because they’re injured, we’ll see if you still don’t want to change the rules…

  6. carcaril says:

    @HorseChick000 loooooooooool :-D u moron, Crosby is just artifical star, that was made by Canadiens to make feeling they are the best. THey are not and will never be again. Anyway Crosby is just mediocre player who mas made star by the team, in which EVERYTHING must go on him.. So he scores and scores and scores.. And when he doesnt score, someone else gets rebound and hes got assist. Point.

  7. FritoBanditoGuapo says:

    @HorseChick000 haha alright….. if you honestly think that this kid is the best hockey player ever you dont know hockey… heres a few names that make crosby shit his pants… wayne gretzsky, gordy howe, ALEX OVECHKIN, steve yzerman….. maybe you need to get your facts strait… ya

  8. HorseChick000 says:

    Clearly, all you morons chirping Crosby are uneduacted and jealous.
    Crosby is the best hockey player to ever exist, HE DIDNT FUCKING ASK FOR A CONCUSSION, shit happens. He didnt ask to be knocked out for attention either. So how about you stfu and get your facts straight. Don’t hate on him because he’s better than you kay ? thanks;)

  9. buke23 says:

    @steevepkm oh go blow it out your ass ! your girlfriend cindy is a BIG FUCKING CRYBABY !! DRAMA QUEEN WHORE !

  10. buke23 says:

    @VeggieVamp go suck a carrot you limp wristed wuss ! crosby is a bich !

  11. buke23 says:

    hahahaah fuck that lil cry baby bitch ! hope she never returns !!! go play baseball whiner !!

  12. MrEpicKitteh says:

    hehe Eat it Crosby…….. I’m such a bad Canadian lolz

  13. AlexSebaColiMeli says:

    @VeggieVamp I don’t even have to look where you are from to know you are not Canadian. Every single player in leagues from minors to majors deal with much heavier hits. Fuck buddy, Crosby has taken much worse, check out his Oceanic games and how he reacted to being hit before he was a ‘star’. Keep your fucking mouth closed because you are the one who comes off as ‘stupid and ignorant’.

  14. VeggieVamp says:

    @AlexSebaColiMeli If you get a concussion, you’re not ALLOWED to play sports until all of the signs or gone. Especially not a pretty violent sport like hockey. Are you stupid or ignorant? You do know that you can die from concussion, right? Especially if you get hit again afterwards. So it’s nothing to do with him being soft, if it had been any other player, the same would have applied.

  15. VeggieVamp says:

    @steevepkm I completely agree with you, the people who are glad that Crosby got concussion are just scum. And I’m not just saying that as a Pens fan either. If that happened to Ovechkin I would be glad and anyone who would be would just be classified as the dregs of society too.

  16. bigpoppa2112 says:

    i’m glad crosby got hit.that pain he felt was his nuts dropping down to where they should be.quit crying to the league and act like a man.

  17. smashmouthdave says:

    they called that a boarding! bullcrap!

  18. steevepkm says:

    Last point: Even without the possibility of the multiple hits making the concussion worse, every head injury is different, ever person’s brain is different, and for people to call Crosby out for falling, acting hurt, being hurt, saying he “didn’t like” the hits, etc, is beyond juvenile, beyond neanderthal. This isn’t football camp in 1962. Any hockey fan should just hope that an all time great (ask Wayne, Mario, or anyone not carrying a Crosby vendetta) does not have his career damaged by this.

  19. steevepkm says:

    I would hope that especially as ppl are finally understanding that concussions have serious long-term impact on not only a person’s career, but their LIFE, that ppl would not treat this so lightly.

    It is well-documented that you are much more vulnerable to head injuries if you are still recovering from an existing concussion. I believe he almost certainly sustained a concussion on the first hit (Steckel) then was at high-risk which is why the Hedman hit still was harmful but didn’t look as bad.

  20. steevepkm says:

    I know people come into this discussion with pre-existing opinions and loyalties, but I would hope that people would not enjoy seeing serious injuries to ANY player from ANY hit whether clean, borderline, dirty, whatever. It’s sad, but seems many Crosby haters and/or Caps fans think that they are being passionate and holding to their “tough guy” mentality by insulting Crosby or being happy he’s hurt.

    Concussion are no joke, at any level, in the world of sports or otherwise.

  21. SitDown314 says:

    Don’t care if it was cheap or not… good to see crosby grounded

  22. Vention3 says:

    And to clarify, he was absolutely looking the other way – and the checker took FULL advantage of this, so earlier comment I made ‘from behind’ really refers to his feild of vision – as the Goon who hit him obviously moved on it in the seconds leading up to the hit. IT IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS the GOON moved to hit him blind-sided. BAD DECISION and a well-know outcome, again. Shoulder-to-chin is technically a HEAD SHOT! Out the GOON should go.

  23. Vention3 says:

    … and as you can clearly see: HE DIDN’T HAVE THE PUCK, WAS TURNED THE OTHER WAY AROUND, WAS HIT FROM (generally) BEHIND. The Goon who hit him had EVERY CLUE as to what he was doing. Shame on the Goon. Shoulder made contact to at least the chin. WELL KNOWN CONCUSSION FORMULA!!! HELLO!!!! I’d be just as pissed if Sid the Kid made the hit btw.. These “subtle” fence-sitting checks are and should be punished by season misconducts. No arguments.

  24. Vention3 says:

    Excuse me, phucks, he is in better shape than everyone who is posting comments, including me, put together. This is not about the person getting blind-sided here, it’s about the hit & the hitter. There are many ways to hide the severity of your check, and compound that by this big Goon’s hit from an unsuspecting player (no matter who) and you have yourself a great recipe for INJURY.. (con’t)..

  25. patyoyo says:

    play through the pain noob

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