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Watch The Stanley Cup Finals Online

The season ended April 11 with playoff games started on April 14. If you are determined, like me, you will watch the Stanley Cup Finals online this year. The finals will be televised in May after all the elimination rounds are completed in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. The NHL playoffs present the best the league has to offer with teams lacing it up to stick it to one another battling for the top spots with the ultimate goal bringing home one of sports most coveted trophies – the Stanley Cup.

If you want to get the best seat for viewing the Stanley Cup finals you should get a hold of this great software I discovered that you can easily download from the Internet. Once downloaded, it is easily installed where you can just as easily operate it to gain access to all the hard-hitting, slap shot making action you'll see when the finals finally cap all season action. Your all access pass to the finals is a high speed Internet connection through either DSL or cable. And, it doesn't make a difference if you own a Mac or PC. There is as version for both so everyone benefits from using the software.

So who will it be? Last year the Eastern Conference Champion Pittsburgh Penguins were the victors in the skate to the cup downing the Western Conference Champion Detroit Red Wings winning four to three in the best of seven series. And, they did it on the road.

Being on the road will be no concern to you if you install the software on your laptop. There are high speed Internet connections everywhere you are when on the road. Hotels and motels, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes all can get you connected so you will not miss faceoff when the Stanley Cup Finals are televised.

Get instant access to a webcast of the Stanley Cup Finals at

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