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Watch Olympic Hockey Canada Vs. Germany Online Live

The long awaited Germany VS Canada Mens Olympic Ice Hockey game is finally here for everyone to see. This is going to be one insane hockey game. If you don’t want to miss another minute of the game right now. I suggest checking out my link at the bottom so you can watch the Canada VS Germany Olympic hockey game live right now. Thousands of people are pouring into Vancouver as of right now ready to watch the game. For some on the west coast the game has already started and people are watching it live right now. For others on the east coast, at the time of this writing looks like we have another couple hours to go before we can watch this game. Germany Vs Canada has been one of the oldest and biggest hockey rivalries in the world. This game is literally history in the making.

The teams are both sporting amazing players and of course great new jerseys as well. Some players for the USA team inclue Patrick Kane and Goaltender Ryan miller. Ryan Miller is soed to be one of the best the NHL has seen in many many years. The USA is truly stacked with amazing players as is Canada. The question now remain is if in fact the USA is going to ruin Canada on there own soil.

Click Here to Watch Olympic Hockey Canada vs. Germany Online

Team Canada has been preparing diligently for this big game. However after watching the Canada VS Switzerland game it can be said that Canada did look a little weak. Since I am Canadian I truly hope that we pull this one off. However, in the end, which ever team wins, I will be happy for them. As of right now Canada is losing on points against the US. Also keep in mind Russia lost to Slovakia. They had originally predicted that the finals would be Russia VS Canada. The games are not over yet so we will have to see what develops from here.

Click Here to Watch Olympic Hockey Canada vs. Germany Online

The Canadian defensive side is stacked with team players such as Scott Niedermayer, 36 (Anaheim Ducks) Chris Pronger, 35 (Philadelphia Flyers) and Shea Weber, 24 (Nashville Predators). Offensively Canada has got Sidney Crosby, 21 Pittsburgh Penguins), Rick Nash, 25 (Columbus Blue Jackets) , Jarome Iginla, 32 (Calgary Flames) , Mike Richards, 25 (Philadelphia Flyers) , Joe Thornton, 30 (San Jose Sharks), Patrick Marleau, 30 (San Jose Sharks) and Ryan Getzlaf, 24 (Anaheim Ducks).

Click Here to Watch Olympic Hockey Canada vs. Germany Online

This game will be amazing and will be going down in the history books. Do not miss out on this game. This is going to be a ridiculous crazy hockey game. If you are in Canada you will have to wait till 730 eastern time on the east cost to watch the game. Or watch the Canada vs USA game live right now. Watch olympic hockey right now see link above.

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