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Vblog#6, Pittsburgh Penguins Video Blog

My 6th Blog. Thoughts on games Vs Devils and Thrashers, and some Trade talk. AllStar talk here:

4 Responses to “Vblog#6, Pittsburgh Penguins Video Blog”

  1. EnglishPen says:

    How dare you ‘Go’ the Flyers on my blog! ;)

    Just kidding, thanks for the comment. I think Ruuts will have to be careful from now on despite most of his controversies (dives, ‘bad hit’) being bad calls.

  2. EnglishPen says:

    Yeh, can’t wait to get the proper roster players back. Don’t think Whits will go anywhere, but he is under a bit of pressure fo’ sho’!

  3. iamlightning says:

    The call on Ruutu was bollocks, it was not intentional. Good blog. GO Flyers!

  4. azrael882 says:

    agreed on Ruutu. it was meant to be a clean hit. absolute shit call, but at least he’s not suspended. news on Kennedy, he practiced this morning in Jersey, but still no official timeline for his return. seems it’ll be sooner than anticipated. Fleury rumoured to be back very soon as well. As for trades, after tonight’s game, poor Whit might be on the chopping block. Therrien ripped him apart during the presser.

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