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Vancouver Canucks vs Pittsburgh Penguins 1/16/10

Canucks vs Penguins 1/16/10

8 Responses to “Vancouver Canucks vs Pittsburgh Penguins 1/16/10”

  1. superwindex says:

    the reason why they lost is fleury is not in net

  2. mothercanuckers says:

    Sorry buddy here is how your top 3 stack up to ours assuming the David Backes deal occurs most likely it will (goaltending prospect Cory Schnieder to the Blues for American Olympian David Backes)

    1. Crosby
    2. Malkin
    3. Jordan Staal

    And the Canucks
    1. Henrik Sedin
    2. Kesler
    3. Demitra

    A solid match up but the difference is our defence has Erhoff, Salo, Bieksa, O’Brien who is having a great year, Mitchell, and Edler and Pittsburgh has Letang, Gonchar, Orpik, Eaton, Golikoski, Johnson.

  3. mothercanuckers says:

    You are so off its not even funny.

    The Canucks have the Sedins aka best duo in hockey no amount of big centres will make a difference when they don’t see the behind-the-back no-look passes coming and the Canucks’ centres are Kesler, one of the premier 2-way forwards in the league, Demitra(C&W) or Wellwood, and either the puck blocking machine Johnson or Bolduc who is a big centre.

    We just beat Chicago 5-1 without 3 of our top 6 defensemen plus we got Luongo in net.

  4. futspb says:

    Pechurskiy is from Magnitogorsk , like Malkin))) Metallurg+Pitsburg= love??? )))


    @tiramisu327 I know and I am happy for him but he came back to Van and got his but kicked lol he was our guy for the longest time every one loved him! with just 3 secs to go who scores the tying goal it was always Cooke who did it, ever since then our team has gone down hill may be he might come back again someday once a Canuck always a Canuck! we wont forget that guy!

  6. surfer53 says:

    One game is totally different from a series. Having 3 big, strong centres won’t win you every individual game, but, for example’s sake, if the Nucks and Pens met in the Finals, Pittsburgh wouldn’t have the edge of talent, but in size down the middle. Over a 7 game series, you’d figure Malkin, Crosby and Staal would outlast anyone on the Canucks, who don’t have a big, strong, skilled forward in their line up. They don’t have that 6’3 or 6’4 225-235 lb skilled player that can win games for you.

  7. tiramisu327 says:

    not really :P
    cook got a Stanley cup ring :P


    after Pitt scored the first goal Van OWENED them the rest of the way looks like Cook is on of the many former Canucks to know that if you leave Vancouver you are going to pay the price.

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