Vancouver Canucks: The Game Part 1

For the High Quality video, copy and paste &fmt=18 at the end of the URL box, then press enter. In the model of NHL Films, the premier game of 2007-08 featuring Crosby's Penguins. A half-hour of exclusive play-by-play, pre- and post-game interviews.

4 Responses to “Vancouver Canucks: The Game Part 1”

  1. alextheyankeehater says:

    maxime talbot of pittsburgh almost won the game for pittsburgh, u wudnt wanna go if he scored. he hit the psot by the way if u remember

  2. alextheyankeehater says:

    this was the most nervracing game ive watched on tv

  3. captaincanuck7 says:

    no prob

  4. canucksgirl20088 says:

    OMG thanks for uploading!!I wanted to get tickets to this game when the penguins were in town but couldnt!!I was screaming my head off wen they started the game!!

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