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Update On Sidney Crosby’s Concussion – Sidney Crosby

Shot on January 8th, 2011, at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ~ Sidney Crosby and head coach Dan Bylsma spoke to the media about Crosby's mild concussion Saturday at CONSOL Energy Center. It was the first time Crosby had spoken on the topic since flying home before Thursday's game at Montreal: * The exact moment Crosby suffered the concussion isn't clear. Crosby was hit in the head by Washington's David Steckel in the Winter Classic, and again by Tampa Bay's Victor Hedman Wednesday night. Crosby couldn't say which, if either, hit caused the mild concussion. Concussions can occur after a series of hits, as opposed to one big hit and are difficult to track. * After suffering the Steckel hit, Crosby had some neck soreness, but did not show any symptoms of having suffered a concussion. Crosby noted that the team handled his evaluation from the Winter Classic in the proper fashion. "Looking back, I wouldn't have changed anything we did. It may be easy to say that now. But I didn't have any head problems and it didn't feel like a concussion. It seemed to be all neck related. I've gotten hit a lot over the course of my time playing hockey. I've had sore necks and that's kind of what it felt like at the time. But I don't think looking back I would have changed anything." * Bylsma reiterated that the team would never put Crosby's (or any player for that matter) health in jeopardy by allowing him to play with a concussion. "There isn't a person who we would ...

25 Responses to “Update On Sidney Crosby’s Concussion – Sidney Crosby”

  1. GypsySlay3r says:

    @ItsLaichthat Buddy it’s kids like you who give the U.S such a bad reputation. Just talking random shit about people and other countries. You think Canadians are stupid? Canadians are in the top 5 countries in the world for reading, mathematics and science literature, and the U.S doesn’t even come close. But many Americans are smart, you are just one of the stupid and very ignorant ones.

  2. ChoppinMagicTreez says:

    i bet she shit him self when he got hit :D

  3. jjennjjennn says:

    Blindside hits are never necessary. Crosby speaking out on this – which is an important health issue – is amendable. Quite frankly all the people dissing him and calling him weak or that he is “ruining the physical aspect of the game” is a neanderthal. When a hit can take a player like Crosby out for more than 3 weeks now, it shouldn’t be allowed. GO CROSBY!


    @ItsLaichthat haa

  5. Agadalif says:

    what has happend to nhl, 10-15 years ago you would never see a player whine about getting hit and getting a concussion, fu**ing wimp

  6. DobeDobyDo says:

    Maybe Crosby should try figure skating… If the roles were reversed and Steckel skating into the path of oncoming Crosby, the officials would’ve called an Interference on Steckel.

  7. meversmannpa says:

    I have to say that he might ruin the NHL and take out the physical part of the game! Hits are part of the game and the hits he is talking about were legal and not penalized. He needs to learn to keep his head up. The blind side during the classic was because he wasnt looking and the other player was simply skating up the ice! Coincidental contact but soon we will be watching roller hockey on ice thanks to SID

  8. leerey14 says:

    2 words flyers

  9. bumchunk3 says:

    i hope he gets a concussion his first game back

  10. hgonzales84 says:

    Id like to see ItsLaichthat take a hit to the dome.

  11. ItsLaichthat says:

    @sunniisunshine123 You’re, not your. You must be a stupid Canadian.

  12. leafsand87crosby says:

    I love you Sidney get well soon and if people don’t like Sidney then why to you watch him?

  13. jennyhannahrox says:

    @ItsLaichthat fuck you

  14. sunniisunshine123 says:

    Your a fucking fag. stfu and stfo

  15. sunniisunshine123 says:

    ;( poor sidney <3

  16. Znbnm2012 says:


    monthly movement I see.

  17. ku2busch says:

    How about you relay what you just said to Matt Cooke, just saying.

  18. pegger18636 says:

    Damn this fucking blows, Crosby was on pace for a career season here as he reaches his prime. It’s disappointing to know that we won’t get to see just how big his numbers would’ve been. PPG/GPG might stay the same but it’s still not as good. I was just thinking a few weeks ago how shitty it would be if he got injured (remember the ankle injury in 07 or whatever) and he gets a fuking concussion, and off the unluckiest/weirdest play too.

  19. ResidualMoneyClub says:

    I’m a FLyers fan, but I hope Sid doesnt have long term affects from this.

  20. TheRawPenguin says:


    Calm down.

  21. TheRawPenguin says:

    Chill out.

  22. tharockstar01 says:

    I was so mad after both of the hits. I understand why he’s upset. He didn’t touch the puck in either play.

  23. tharockstar01 says:

    I was so mad after both of the hits. I understand why he’s upset. He didn’t touch the puck in either play.

  24. tharockstar01 says:

    I was so pissed after both of the hits. I understand why he’s upset. He didn’t touch the puck in either play

  25. tharockstar01 says:

    I was so pissed after both of the hits. I understand why he’s upset. He didn’t touch the puck in either play

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