Tyler Seguin’s First NHL Goal

In game 2 of the 2010 NHL season, Boston Bruins Tyler Seguin scores his first NHL goal.

10 Responses to “Tyler Seguin’s First NHL Goal”

  1. jamiecarv says:

    I hate brian burke

  2. NFLfan800 says:

    as soon as they drafted him i bought a seguin shirt!!! he is the next big thing!

  3. VegitoBlitz24 says:

    Gotta feel happy for him. Welcome to Boston Mr Seguin!

  4. vi3thunny says:

    Jordan Eberle’s goal was something that turned huge. Tyler made the leap from junior to NHL calibre immediately so that is much more impressive.

    He’s got the potential to become a big name franchise player. What a sweet deal the Bruins had from the Kessel trade!

  5. moneyball69 says:

    @iceman1121 im a dedicated leafs fan ive seen bozaks well over 100 times lol that was a great goal i still think eberle’s is better

  6. iceman1121 says:

    @moneyball69 Eberle’s was alright, but you can’t talk about 1st goals without mentioning Tyler Bozak’s…. check it out if u haven’t seen it

  7. hassantro says:

    i was there :D

  8. Kindathiskindathay says:

    Man Tyler seguin and eberle have had sick goals let’s see hall

  9. moneyball69 says:

    Beauty, too bad Eberle set the bar so high for first goals lol but this is definitely one of the prettiest first goals i’ve ever seen

  10. thapatient says:


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