Touch and go ~ Sidney Crosby

enjoy the show :)

5 Responses to “Touch and go ~ Sidney Crosby”

  1. mylimoji says:

    miss Sid very much!! <33333

  2. eugena228 says:

    Get well soon, sidney patrick crosby, we miss you

  3. crazzy4248 says:

    I best Sid video I’ve seen so far…Where did you get the clip @ 1:17 they look like there in a store I think its so cute.

  4. mylimoji says:

    @SidneyCrosbyfan8727 thanx :) you can find it on youtube: Sidney Crosby – The Kid ;)

  5. SidneyCrosbyfan8727 says:

    awsome vid:) where did u get the clip 0:07?

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