To Streak or Not to Streak; That Is the Question

A streak is defined as a “zooming” or “flashing.”  Our Penguins (23-8) have flashed all the way to a 10 game winning streak.  Most recently, the Penguins had a 2-1 victory yesterday against those pesky Washington Capitals.   Interestingly enough, many of these victories occurred without Evgeni Malkin and, most recently,  Kris Letang.  The Penguins will now get a well- deserved break until Friday.  See the next three games for the Penguins.

Friday, March 24: Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Islanders (13-13-3)

Sunday, March 26: Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins (13-16-1)

Tuesday, March 28: Montréal Canadians @ Pittsburgh Penguins (19-5-5)

The Penguins have winning records against all of these teams.  They are 1-1 against the Islanders, 2-1 against the Flyers, and 1-0 against the Canadians.  Hopefully, Malkin and Letang will return soon.  Expect to see high scores in each of these games.  I would not be surprised in the Flyers and Canadians games to see an over and under of 7 goals.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  As much as I hate to admit it, the streak will end at home Philadelphia.


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