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The Winning Formula


Teams have been looking for a winning formula to defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins.  A formula is defined as a design or recipe used to create a successful end product.  In this case, the Ottawa Senators figured out the formula to not only beat the Penguins, but to annihilate them.  The Senators shut the Penguins out tonight by a score of 5-0.  That’s right.  That score is not a misprint.  The key was the “non-stop pressure” that the Senators put on the puck creating 18 Penguin giveaways and also creating an atrocious 0 for 7 Power Play.  Usually, when the Penguins have the puck, many teams stay back and play defense.  The Senators attacked every player with the puck.  In addition, there was stellar goal tending by Craig Anderson stopping 27 total shots.  Watching this game was almost as painful as watching the Cardinals defeat the Pirates 13-0 back on August 1.

The Penguins need to forget about this debacle and try to enjoy Christmas.  However, two days after Christmas (Friday, December 27), the Penguins will be on the road again.  This time they will travel a little bit closer than Canada.  There will be no passport need to travel to Raleigh, NC to face the Carolina Hurricanes.  The Canes (14-15-8) are coming off a 4-3 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Oddly enough, the Penguins will face the “high scoring” Blue Jackets two days after the Canes (December 29).


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