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The most complete Sidney Crosby 2009-2010 Highlights (HD)

I decided I was going to make the most complete Sidney Crosby highlight reel for this past season because no one made a reel that had everything I wanted... It turned out making it would be hell. Downloading video's from every game. Converting the files. editing them out to music... Finding music long enough for Sid's AMAZING season. It all turned out to be a lot harder then I expected. But... This video has all the good stuff. His fifty-one regular season goals, eight shootout goals, six post season goals, three Olympic goals, two preseason goals, and his one goal that was suppose to be his 50th but was taken away, one fight and two great saves. The songs in the video which I don't own any rights to are Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound and James Newton Howard - Central Park.

25 Responses to “The most complete Sidney Crosby 2009-2010 Highlights (HD)”

  1. nicholasmasters says:

    @AnklBreaker9 You will, but it probably won’t be until the end of the season… unless I can find so footage of previous years to put together.

  2. AnklBreaker9 says:

    dude such a great video man hope to see more

  3. nicholasmasters says:

    @sushingify Wow you just made me realize I forgot the Crosby deflection goal against the Bruins on 11/14/09. Go to NHLvideo Penguins @ Ducks 11/3/09 for highlights of the game at 2:04. The save is at 3:54 on that video. Enjoy!

  4. sushingify says:

    GREAT! When was the 02:04? i wanna see the highlights. Thank you!

  5. Championfrog says:

    nicholasmasters take a bow, that movie was awesome… for once a youtube video with a great plot… Crosby’s awesome and Canada is better then USA (period)

  6. mrrennaldz says:

    excellent video man hands down the best crosby highlight package i have seen and ive seen lots.

  7. LegendKilla11 says:

    best video i’ve ever seeen!!! props dude

  8. 68jaromirjagr68 says:

    the song suck
    but the video was good

  9. nicholasmasters says:

    @dmg8787 The main song is called Guitar Sound by Ronald Jenkees. I edited it to be long so it’d cover all his NHL highlights. The Olympic song is James Newton Howard score called Central Park from the late King Kong remake.

  10. dmg8787 says:

    YEP, this is the video iv been lookin for

    great job, included everything

    whered u find the music too

  11. Mattenlamb says:

    thank you for taking the time to make such a great video. truly one of the best i’ve ever seen on youtube

  12. AnklBreaker9 says:

    nice vid man … sick …. and good songs

  13. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    I feel sorry for the goalie at 00:36. Poor guy had no chance.

  14. fijiian4life01 says:

    @NumbuhoftheBeastBurg That is true, but the sad thing for Crosby fans are that he is WAY TOO UNSELFISH. This kid has so much more talent then anyone in the league, but he sacrifices for his team to grow and become a playoff threat. IF he really wanted to, he could win major trophies every year and the Rocket and points would be his for years, not every year, but at least one of those every season as well as others.

  15. flyguyxl says:

    Pretty much perfect I have been hoping for a video like this ever since the season ended.

  16. NumbuhoftheBeastBurg says:

    @nicholasmasters nice googling skills, this is complement im not being sarcastic

  17. nicholasmasters says:

    @NumbuhoftheBeastBurg. There’s a lot to say when it comes to stats. Ovi has 2,159 shots/269 goals/12.5%. Sid has 1,237 shots/183 goals/14.8%. So mathematically if Sid were to continue that % he’d have 319 goals off 2,159 shots. Another good Statistic, because Sid has played in (34) more playoff games he for once has more SOG. Sid = 62 games/199 shots/30 goals/15.1%. Ovi = 28 games/161 shots/20 goals/12.4%. He’d have 24 goals from 199 shots.

  18. NumbuhoftheBeastBurg says:

    if crosby shot the puck as much as ovechkin i bet he could easily get 60-70 goals

  19. lupulluver says:

    thank you so much for putting this together! this was phenomenal! sidney had such a great year, and this is the BEST compilation i’ve seen in a while!
    keep up the great work!

  20. TheSteelLegendary says:

    great compilation thank you for posting thhis

  21. TheSteelLegendary says:

    he is the best player and my hero

  22. fooldeth says:

    That was unbelievable. That must have taken weeks to make. Thanks.. a lot. :)

  23. AmelieDepatie says:

    THE best video & I LOVED the ending, Sid winning the gold metal for us is going to be a day I will remember for the rest of my life :)

  24. scottak1712 says:

    @Antihobo71 felt the same way. I especially like how all of the shootout goals were included, as well as his goals while playing for team Canada :)

  25. Antihobo71 says:

    excellent video. was getting tired of all the new ones with tons of effects, this was great.

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