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The Legend of Evgeni Malkin Begins – 4th NHL Goal Highlight

This is a video of Evgeni Malkin scoring his 4th goal in only his 4th NHL game. Neither Lemieux, Gretzky, or Crosby accomplished 4 goals in 4 games to start their career.

25 Responses to “The Legend of Evgeni Malkin Begins – 4th NHL Goal Highlight”

  1. hunterto99 says:

    People should understand that arguing about malkin, crosby, ovechkin and maybe stamkos, is alot less entertaining than enjoying all of the players.

  2. wizard473 says:

    awesome vid thismademy day:)

  3. GSeward says:

    I actually remember watching this a few years ago and thinking “Nice..looks like we have ourselves a hockey team now”. The Pens were so bad for a handful of years that watching them felt like watching the buccos on ice. But when Geno joined in ’06 I felt we had two of the top five players in the league (and I still feel that way). The Crosby/Geno combo is unparalleled in the NHL, especially because they’re still so young. Now lets hope for at least another couple of Stanley Cups…starting now!

  4. Hank17Moody says:

    Sorry, where’s epic fail? there’s a point that I’m russian and I’m not very good at english.. yet =)

  5. powerlifter97 says:

    @Hank17Moody Epic fail > proves my opinion.

  6. Hank17Moody says:

    Malkin is the Best among the present players! Actually, Malkin(not Crosby) led the Penguins to the Stanley Cup. He is MVP of that playoff and it proves my opinion

  7. Portis1Luv says:

    Viva Geno!!!

  8. DoYouThinkForUrselF says:

    @Lewandowski87 thanks for the laugh =P

  9. Lewandowski87 says:

    The best Player MALKIN!!!

  10. irishbres says:

    @smush70 geno

  11. CWB2208 says:

    Wow.. what a goal!
    “Shades of Mario” is right

  12. rafcool30 says:


  13. rafcool30 says:


  14. StarWarsGangsta97 says:

    this shouldve been his first goal

  15. theKennyHalt says:


  16. whitt68 says:

    “shades of mario!”

  17. beatle11 says:

    @atomictaco94 you can present a reasonable argument there. Malkin’s biggest problem is faceoffs, which for a center is not very good. But otherwise he’s got size, strength and skill.

  18. atomictaco94 says:

    malkins better then crosby

  19. GreenMan8000 says:

    @Malkin4Prez But that was kind of the ref’s fault he wouldn’t blow the whistle

  20. kewlnsimpguy says:

    @Malkin4Prez his first goal was ass

  21. Y2J834 says:

    Malkin is my favorite player damn he is good.

  22. Smuge40 says:

    one of the greatest goals ive ever seen!

  23. dobies77 says:

    i got a framed autograph picture of this goal

  24. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    not quite sure what “grammer” is???? haha

  25. 20003606 says:

    @sidthekidisnumber1 umm your not even making a valid counter-point your just making fun of my grammer?

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