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The Final Countdown

In the 1986, the band, Europe, released the hit song song, "The Final Countdown."  We are on the brink of the final countdown between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers.  Thus far, the advantage has gone to the road team.  However, this game will be much different because the Penguins are going for their twelfth win in a row.  See the 2013 history of these two teams below:


Penguins LogoPhiladelphia Flyers (1968 - Pres)

                PENGUINS (24-8)                               FLYERS (13-16-1)


GAME #1 (JAN 19th): PENGUINS 3           FLYERS 1

GAME #2 (FEB 20th): FLYERS 6                PENGUINS 5

GAME #3 (MAR 7th): PENGUINS 5         FLYERS 4

GAME #4 (MAR 24th): ????

The Flyers are will probably not make the playoffs this year; however, they are playing for pride.  Pittsburgh hates Philly, and Philly hates Pittsburgh.  Don't miss this exciting game.  The game will be nationally televised on the NBC Sports Network at 7:30 PM EST.

Prediction: All you Vegas watchers listen carefully.   Take the Penguins to win a close match-up and score over 6 combined goals.  Penguins 4 Flyers 3.


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