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The Devil Made Me Do It

Now that I've got your attention, I am referring to the New Jersey Devils.  Those pesky New Jersey Devils have created major issues this year for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The completed games are below:

Penguins 5       Devils 1

Devils 3             Penguins 1

Devils 3            Penguins 1

The Devils have been officially eliminated from playoff contention; however, the statistics remain almost identical.




New Jersey

3.3 Goals Per Game 2.33
2.46 Goals Against Per Game 2.52
30.11 Shots on Goal Per Game 28.48
29.15 Shots Against Per Game 23.28
11.93 Penalty Minutes Per Game 10.89
39 Power Play Goals 27
23.8% Power Play % 16%
33 Power Play Goals Allowed 31
79.4% Penalty Kill % 80.6%
2 Shorthanded Goals 11
3 Shorthanded Goals Allowed 5


Expect a low scoring game tonight with the Devils conquering the Penguins by the unlucky score of 3-1.  The Penguins will complete their regular season at home against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday.

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