The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Pittsburgh Penguins Shootout 1/31/10

Shootout between the Red Wings and the Penguins

25 Responses to “The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Pittsburgh Penguins Shootout 1/31/10”

  1. CreationMusicale says:

    its why crosby and malkin are the best

  2. CreationMusicale says:

    @danglesnipesdaniel pens are just the best

  3. danglesnipesdaniel says:

    Not our best, pens still suck

  4. darkrenevil says:

    theres too much ice infront of fleury net. ROFL.

  5. MsAtlacat says:


  6. pens718729 says:

    Good shout out! Go pens!!!!!!

  7. mcnallyrd3 says:

    @TheRixTe hahah right….maybe the best at sucking each others dick hahaha

  8. ejl74 says:

    @mcnallyrd3 agree..on both points

  9. mcnallyrd3 says:

    when howard is in goal i dont blame the wings for loosing. howard sucks at hockey as much as crosby sucks dick.

  10. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    2 wings fan dislike this

  11. TheRixTe says:

    crosby and malkin the best

  12. TheRixTe says:

    crosby and malkin the best

  13. fromthepgh says:

    @ricculus oh yea definitely haha his butt hurts so bad when he sits down he can still feel the pain from the hossa deal.

  14. ricculus says:

    @RedWingsFan2010 Someones butt still hurts, lol.

  15. boxcarracer184 says:

    they didnt even have to try haha

  16. KashiwaDaisuke says:

    @serious789 Crosby in your league = 529 goals and 495 assists in one season.

  17. CivilWarReenactor says:

    @gally6676 Actually its just cause Crosby and Malkin have skill.

  18. RedWingsFan2010 says:

    way to many bandwagon fans in pissburgh

  19. gally6676 says:

    Patience…The only reason Crosby & Malkin scored. Howard drops to early on both of theirs & takes himself out of the play.

  20. jaaajz says:

    @MrHkyfreak31 haha you know whats funny? ovechkin doesnt have his name on the rocket like crosby

  21. jaaajz says:

    @serious789 what and your not a fucking redwings fan talkin crap about crosby

  22. Jdrb33 says:

    sick goal malkin

  23. fireangel240 says:

    @serious789 – Haha, I find it so funny how you call Sid a whiner, when you’re the one whining here. You might be playing hockey for 12 years now, then I guess you’re not very good. If you’re good, you’d be in the NHL right now. Hmm, I think you should stop talking crap about Sid, since he’s clearly better than you.

  24. TheKristopherbentley says:

    stop talking shit about Crosby i dont like pittsburg at all but a pussy ha well in your league you might get hit hard but in his league he get paid million and i bet the people hit hard so fuck you

  25. serious789 says:

    Crosby= Pussy, Crybaby, whiner, and can’t even hit. And i’ve been playing hockey for almost 12 years now and if u are like Crosby in my league we will kick ur ass but this little faggot finally got beat up. He was crying too ahhh it was great. All of u insulting Howard are Pens fans i can tell cause ur defending ur bitch.

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