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The Daydream: A Tribute to the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins http Another short video edited as a tribute to Mellon Arena's final year and the greatest hockey team ever. The third banner will be raised on October 2.

25 Responses to “The Daydream: A Tribute to the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins”

  1. locke758 says:

    He shots and scores MARIO LEMIUX!!

  2. LOKISlog7 says:

    How did I miss this one?????


    Middle Finger Salute @ craps; schabs; cryers and deadthings……

  3. TheSc8713 says:

    this is amazing!!! :D probably the best pens tribute video I’ve ever seen, idk how you made this but i’m so glad you did
    Great job man :)

  4. BlackhawksGirl8819 says:

    this is so AMAZING :’)))
    great editing and everything!!
    I subbed :)
    Hope you can get a chance to check out my videos :)))

    What program do you use?

  5. crazystreethockey says:

    Great video dude

  6. malkin71fan says:


  7. xXxsIckICkxXx says:

    i love it when they show malkin’s parents. his dad looks like he is gonna cry all the time

  8. mrssidneycrosby8787 says:

    this is an amazing video. this plus the last game in mellon arena ever made me cry.

  9. mariskaSVUfan87 says:

    AMAZING VIDEO IT LEFT ME BRETHLESS. My family has followed the pens for as long as i can think of. How did you make this? I mean my father watched it and was flabbergasted.

  10. mikooou says:

    this is seriously underviewed

  11. Krojd2 says:

    Tom Barrasso = best goalie ever. Miss old players but we got another great team a we will remember Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Orpik, Gonchar, Letang and so on… like we remember Barrasso, Lemieux, Murphy, Stevens, Jagr, Samuelsson, Mullen. Francis, Straka… Goodbye Mellon and Lets go Pens!!! Win the cup for her as a goodbye!

  12. silybilly899 says:

    I lived in Crosby country now I live in Toronto and the only difference is crosbys house ain’t here and Cole harbour so yur not missin out on

  13. MrKhoff39 says:

    For all you stupid pittsburgh fans who think the penguins are actually good even though the wings kick they’re ass, check out this video unless of course your a scared loser like your girlfriend cindy crosby
    youtube com/watch?v=HdoCKWiD2a4
    p.s Marc-Andre Fleury should have been a wing

  14. hazedoustv says:

    amazing work, if only i had the means/resources to even attempt such a great pc of work. Great Work!

  15. Aspenthv2 says:

    I’m still amazed at the views this is getting… thanks everyone for sending it along to your friends!

    Here’s hoping I have to edit this video in June to include a fourth banner.

  16. koolaidkid08 says:


  17. TaylorX33 says:

    ahh this gives me the chills!
    let’s go pens!
    wee cann do it again :)

  18. PittsburghPenguin29 says:

    @Focker984 I wish i did but i live in Crosby Country (AKA Cole HArbour Nova Scotia!)

  19. focker984 says:

    Chills….everywhere….that’s all I can say. The Pens are one of the big reasons I am proud to live in Pittsburgh.

  20. 4merF says:

    Awesome vid — 5 stars!!! :)
    ….I LOVED when Max Talbot “Shhhh” the crowd!! hahaha…that just never gets old!
    & Super Mario is KING!!! :)

  21. ducksman07 says:


  22. steelcity51 says:

    if we can beat the devils, we wont be going anywhere

  23. ducksman07 says:

    i have a feeling the 4th cup for the pens is comeing this year

  24. eth1361 says:

    @PerogieBoy714 i got the chills. epic video. epic player

  25. gatortough2005 says:

    Goodbye old friend, every true Pittsburgh fan will always remember the familiar smell of freshly cleaned ice and food that made The Civic Area the greatest place to play in. GO PENS!!!!!!

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