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The Best Ways to Purchase Nfl Tickets

The largest American football league – the National Football League (NFL) – consists of 32 teams from all over the United States. It is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America – the others being the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL).

The NFL is divided into two conferences – the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), which are further divided into four divisions each, each division consisting of four teams. Each of these divisions is designated as East West, North, and South.

American football, played under NFL, descended from Rugby football played in England, and reached the United States via Canada in 1874. Professional football dates back to 1892 when William ‘Pudge’ Heffelfinger was paid $500 by the Allegheny Athletic Association to take part in a game, on November 12, against Pittsburgh Athletic Club. This makes him the first professional player on record. Professional football spread over the next few decades.

The American Professional Football Association, the predecessor of the NFL, was founded in 1920, and changed to its current name in 1922.

The NFL Season

Prior to the regular season, which is generally from September to December, or early January, the NFL season features a four game preseason, or exhibition season, running from early August to early September. This is followed by a 16 game 17-week regular season. Following the regular season, starting in January, six teams each from the AFL and the NFL play a single elimination tournament – the NFL playoffs.

The playoffs end with the Super Bowl – the NFL Championship. The top team from each of the two leagues – the AFL and the NFL – plays in the Super Bowl. The day incidentally is considered an unofficial American national holiday! The Super Bowl was usually played the Sunday following the playoffs, but of late, it has been held on the first Sunday of February, every year.

The Super Bowl is the most watched sport on American television, with companies spending millions on commercials. The game is held for the Sunday night prime time audience on the East Coast. The winner of the Super Bowl in February is crowned the champion of the previous year. The Indianapolis Colts - who won the Super Bowl XLI in February 2007, are the champions of the 2006 season.

Football Tickets

The games of the NFL being so popular with a large fan following, the NFL tickets are hot property. Whether you are looking to purchase the NFL tickets for the pre-season, regular season, or for the playoffs, they are not easy to lay your hands on.

NFL tickets for the Super Bowl would be a near impossibility – so much is the interest it generates. NFL tickets for most of the games are sold out the moment they come on sale.

Legitimate ticket brokers have the wherewithal to arrange your NFL tickets for you. As a word of caution: you should buy your NFL tickets from legitimate ticket brokers that are members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) who ensure you tickets of your choice.

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