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Steve Downie’s Cheap Shot On Sidney Crosby (3-14-2010)

Do the world a favor Crosby haters, stop breathing for about 10 minutes

25 Responses to “Steve Downie’s Cheap Shot On Sidney Crosby (3-14-2010)”

  1. Sapunka16 says:

    So, Crosby was seriously injured as a result of this, right? I mean, he had to have been, look at how hurt he looks when he’s skating off the ice.

    Either that or he’s just a huge fucking bitch.

  2. DAkkermann says:

    I hate the pens more than any other team but how the hell can Downie still be allowed to play hockey after that?

  3. naud08 says:

    I hate Crosby but there is no need for bullshit like that. Steve Downie is a fucking asshole.

  4. shankmaster says:

    Downie is a dirty mother fucker, always fighting people. Come on if you want to fight so much then just go to UFC or something like that, but some people actually want to see hockey not some pussy fighting every person on the opposing team.

  5. errrummitsmikedore says:

    I’m American but I’ll tell you right now at least 80% of people who hate Crosby are Americans who are still pissed about the Olympics

  6. zonkedforlife2 says:

    i hate when people call him a crybaby, seriously, he feels pain too and he is only human and he takes more shit than anyone and if you think he complains to the refs a lot, its because he’s always got 3 guys tugging on his testicles

  7. Delinquent45 says:

    I’m surely not a Crysby fan but thats dirty and I’m really glad the Flyers got rid of this Tool.Die Hard Flyers fan and I love to see Cindy go down but not like that.

  8. W4D321191 says:

    what a pussy move, downies a bitch and he even got boo’d at home cause even tampa knows hes a bitch.

  9. Hkhan23 says:

    downie fell on the guy, in hockey, players get tangled up and fall down awkwardly all the time, go play hockey for yourself before you come here and act like a analyst with a professional opinion… half of you commenting, don’t even fuckin play the sport. sit there on your couch and watch hockey games on TV. fat asses

  10. realcoolboy17 says:

    @TheMattswish At hockey… at hockey ;).

  11. huhas4 says:

    As much as I dislike Crosby, that was uncalled for. Downie is always such a little bitch.

  12. TheMattswish says:

    WOW WHAT A DIVE! What a cry baby!
    j/k, the only people who say that are dumb Americans, who think they are the best at everything and just hate knowing that a Canadian Kid is the better than all of their players.

  13. diehardcrowd says:

    Go fuck yourself Tampa bay you guy have no life

  14. duwal says:

    @Spyiamsoawesome and lucky even with the pads he didn’t have any ligament damage

  15. duwal says:

    @Spyiamsoawesome and lucky even with the pads he didn’t have any ligament damage

  16. ROCIxOH says:

    fucking bitch man, he seriously had nothing better to do than plot a way to hurt Sid. Well look who’s the little bitch, sure isnt Sid, never was, never wil be.

  17. Bohlander83 says:

    @discorambo yeah you’re right, trying to get him to the ice when he doesn’t have a puck isn’t a penalty or anything. you’re retarded. and having a bunch of players that can barely score 10 goals in season is deffinitley better than having Crosby, right?

  18. walarissa says:

    @blahson13 Well look at Ove compared to Sid now, he can whine as much as he wants with a 25 point streak….SUCK IT

  19. chriskoch2424 says:

    At first i was like wow whata pussy then i saw the replay:/

  20. Defenseman619 says:

    edit…. I watched this over and over… the announcers are homerish a bit, is it really an intent to injure? It’s not a “figure four”, it looks more like SId’s skate caught an edge and got sucked under the body. You can’t plan that.

  21. Defenseman619 says:

    @skoalpeach33 linesman didn’t see it because it was so funky… and something you just don’t see happen. As someone who plays and has had ACL/MCL/Meniscus, i feel for anyone who has this kind of injury, regardless if you like him or not. Oh, I hate Ulf Samuelsson.

  22. sportsstuff87 says:

    @skoalpeach33 Linesman dont make penalty calls…….

  23. GSkillz098 says:

    @discorambo u sir are an idiot!

  24. DLRisVH says:

    A fuckin premeditated cheap shot all the way….

  25. Spyiamsoawesome says:

    if u hate sid the kid, get this. if he wasnt wearing shin pads it woudve broken. hes just lucky it didnt break

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