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Stanley Cup Journal- Part 1

The penguins players and staff all get there turn to spend a day with the stanley cup ! 2009 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Note: this is only part one more to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVGENI MALKIN ! 71 **i do NOT own anything i just put the video together to spread the love of hockey**

15 Responses to “Stanley Cup Journal- Part 1”

  1. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    ha i know right lol!
    thanks (:

  2. pittpensgirls says:

    Ha lovee :)
    Good idea!

  3. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    thank ya! (:

  4. emah888 says:

    I lovee This hahah :D

  5. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    your welcome! (:

  6. xxcrosbyxx87xx says:

    kk thnx

  7. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    if you go to the pens website and go over to the right it has the latest stanley cup journal picture, you click that and it has a list of the players

  8. xxcrosbyxx87xx says:

    where did u find the pics og when staalsy and orpik and tk had the stanley cup.

  9. ballinballer3 says:

    haha yeahhhhhhhh

  10. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    haha id do the same thing :D

  11. ballinballer3 says:

    awesome video
    –from a pens fan– haha had to when i saw that other comment

  12. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    ha thank you (:

  13. evilistbloue says:

    Awesome video
    –from a Habs fan– LOL :P

  14. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    your welcome (:
    and thank you ! :D

  15. eternalpengel87 says:

    Thank you wonderful video. :)

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