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Stanley Cup Finals on NBC – Game Three TONIGHT 8PM EST

TONIGHT the Pittsburgh Penguins return home for game three of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. All the action starts at 8PM EST TONIGHT on NBC.

23 Responses to “Stanley Cup Finals on NBC – Game Three TONIGHT 8PM EST”

  1. emandude says:

    Go Wings. Keep that shutout going

  2. ooploon says:


  3. p8intballkid says:

    redwings are going to win im not evena redwings or a penguins fan but there going to win

  4. jpseden says:

    go red wings

  5. page0211 says:

    The pens have no chance against osgood and the wings. come on! 2 games. 2 shut outs. wings in 6.

  6. arawk says:

    GO WINGS!!!

  7. anci3ntrnq says:

    crosby is used to getting things his way, not agaisnt the red wings…

  8. dvospeed1 says:

    But he hasn’t won the Stanley Cup yet. I think that’s what they mean, although he did do really, really good last year.

  9. blondsreallyrsmart73 says:

    WINGS = WOOT!!!!!

  10. Broadwaybambina says:

    pens suck ass GO WINGS, crosby is an overated diver/whiner,

  11. Lustmord19 says:

    Pens have no chance.

  12. Steve0016 says:

    Detriot will take it 4-0

  13. CarnageMerc says:


  14. exa316 says:

    the legend of sid the kid begins?

    I was under the impression it began quite a while ago…

  15. luridplanet says:

    Finally, a game I can pick up on my TV

  16. xxxDeath9572xxx says:

    lets go pens!!!! beat those red wings to Detroit and back!!! lets turn this series around and win it 4-2

  17. genesis4power says:

    hahhah they gotta stop advertising it like the penguins still stand a chance

  18. PianoSlipsen says:

    yeah, wings win 4-0!

  19. PaddysInTheDoldrums1 says:

    I’m a Pens fan, hoping that tonight they will turn it around :)

    3-2 to Pittsburgh will be the score!

  20. Ryansb213 says:

    go pens

  21. happidaze2 says:

    GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. devilskarma says:

    go wings

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