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Slap Shot Drill against Marc Andre Fleury of Pittsburgh Penguins with Bylsma

2/24/09 -NHL Practice with NEW coach Dan Bylsma at the IceoPlex in Southpointe/Canonsburg/ Pittsburgh. Marc Andre Fleury practices stopping slap shots

13 Responses to “Slap Shot Drill against Marc Andre Fleury of Pittsburgh Penguins with Bylsma”

  1. iTrollhard31 says:

    @lahnaclannb shut the hell up you dont know shit your a joke

  2. gbamericasidiot says:

    @9999necron probably plays soccer. Queer

  3. 5boronic says:

    holy shit!!!!

  4. 9999necron says:

    Must be hard stopping those pucks with those big pads….

  5. lahnaclannb says:

    ye ye ye, its a speeddrill i got it

  6. 4llvar says:

    It’s cause he’s getting shots in like 90mph so if he would track the puck he could get shot when he wasn’t ready and that can end up bad.

  7. carriechason says:

    @TVBNHLWWE The whole team takes turns shooting on the Flower… Similar to the shootout drill they do now…

  8. TVBNHLWWE says:

    holy fuck who is shooting

  9. xiiideadhorrors says:

    This is like a gun range. Blam, Blam, Blam. Outta-hand! Wow.
    Sweet video though. Good post.

  10. lahnaclannb says:

    @TehCashew yea i suppose you wouldnt in the drill their doing. although it only takes a split second

  11. TehCashew says:

    Why would you track the puck in a speed drill?

  12. lahnaclannb says:

    lol flower, anyways, its funny, because he dosent track the puck to his blocker or cather, but just stops without looking all the way through, this is what i do too haha, but they teach you to track all the way

  13. thechez29 says:

    lol flower’s so good! that’s so much fun being in net for that

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