Slap Shot by Evgeni Malkin

Slap Shot by Evgeni Malkin. Shot on Flip!

25 Responses to “Slap Shot by Evgeni Malkin”

  1. vodkaamilk says:


  2. crosbyesmio1 says:

    this is why i love geno <3

  3. missstaal89 says:

    he is just adorable<3

  4. wizard473 says:

    why does he sound so wierd like i love hime and it dosnt even sound like him

  5. EmmieBee123 says:

    this is was cute! LOL

  6. sensovie says:

    hes actually sick

  7. Ruest420 says:

    borats cousin

  8. mrspatgillett1 says:

    love this man.

  9. lalala19801990 says:

    @fogubled Wow Dude, He’s Voice Is Pro,

  10. fogubled says:

    lolol hes good but learn to speak some fucking english

  11. 3girlrhumba says:


  12. alexismaestar says:

    @chubbest28 That was one of my favorite parts of the episode. lol

  13. badbunny says:

    i am score

  14. Musicfever21 says:

    LOL. He’s so cute.

  15. chubbest28 says:

    “fuck off Geno” lol Dupuis

  16. kudeba77 says:

    producer tim!!!!!!!

  17. whoosh81 says:

    And his sick skills aren’t fake, haters.

  18. whoosh81 says:

    What the hell?! He sounds like shrek.

  19. DannyXox01 says:

    how the hell is that fake?!
    haters go die!

  20. rimsdothemacarena says:

    @pensteel71 stop crying

  21. pensteel71 says:

    @rimsdothemacarena LMAO hater hater hater where art thou now? Malkin was injured two weeks ago when you made this comment, he had been playing injured for like a month or so before the team shut him down and said he wasnt playing till he was recovered.

  22. TheSkookumchuk says:

    I thought Malkin would sound like some badass Russian spy but he sounds like that “In Soviet Russia…” guy.

  23. dgenerationxman says:

    Sounds like shrek. What the..

  24. jigsaw99 says:

    annazer day LOL

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