Sidney Crosby’s Awkward Funny Moments

Your favourite kid, Sid The Kids cute moments. Music: The Mission District - So Over You

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby’s Awkward Funny Moments”

  1. starlight13wish says:

    POW! Lmao I’m dying he’s so from adorable

  2. sweetpea1182001 says:

    @ElyssaElena I think he was saying that his gear reeked. Hockey pads are notoriously god awful smelly.

  3. Rachelizabeth47 says:

    @ElyssaElena Lol. I don’t think it was makeup… I think it was the sweaty stuff. But I could be wrong.

  4. ElyssaElena says:

    @Rachelizabeth47 Thanks, haha I caught that too, right after I posted

  5. Rachelizabeth47 says:

    @ElyssaElena To not get too close because it reeks. Lol.. That’s what I catch at least.

  6. ElyssaElena says:

    What is he saying when the girls are putting makeup on him?

  7. sweetpea1182001 says:

    “Pow!” Oh Sid, you’re adorable.

  8. xoxoLCxo says:

    @TheXboxWolf I think everyone would’ve like that hahaha

  9. catelynncrosby87 says:

    i love this man more than liiife <33

  10. AnimalxIxHavxBecome says:

    His face at 2:49 is so cute! I love Sid the Kid :)

  11. Rachelizabeth47 says:

    @thenerdnetwork LMAO!

  12. ellenO14 says:

    i love this guy!

  13. TheStJimmy1234 says:

    His laugh just makes my life

  14. MaryandElizabethShow says:

    so amazing, and georgeous ! <3

  15. LuxeLeopard says:

    I love this kid. <3

  16. TheXboxWolf says:

    @xoxoLCxo LOL! :P

  17. sidney87crosbyXX says:

    @ZigZagCelly yeah i thought that too but i think he says 4 something :S

  18. ZigZagCelly says:

    @sidney87crosbyXX I thought he said “your ours” because they own him now that he signed the contract.

  19. jaaybird182 says:

    Hahahahaha I love him:D

  20. crosbyesmio1 says:

    3:06 soo adorable ;}

  21. JanessaSings says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. xoxoLCxo says:


  23. PyromaniaRocked says:

    ouuuffff, he’s fine ;)

  24. ThinRichie74 says:

    That is the goofiest laugh I’ve ever heard

  25. sidney87crosbyXX says:

    2:47 is adorable <3

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