Sidney Crosby You Belong With Me Taylor Swift

Here is another video of the handsome and inspirational Sidney Crosby. The song is originally by Taylor Swift; and the pictures belong to their original owners. But mostly, enjoy!!!

3 Responses to “Sidney Crosby You Belong With Me Taylor Swift”

  1. blink182chickie91 says:

    Oh Sid.. <3 <3 <3

  2. twilightfan4111 says:

    @ouranyorkie888 NO I never met him, but I would love to!! :) :) Plus, he won the gold medal in hockey for Canada!!!!!! So, yes I would love to meet Sidney Patrick Crosby!!! LOL!! “Jealous Much?” XD

  3. ouranyorkie888 says:

    *fangirl squeal*<3 Have you ever met Sidney Crosby, just curious? I would totally be jealous if you did. XD “Jealous, much?”

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