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Sidney Crosby vs Matt Niskanen Nov 3, 2010

Sidney Crosby vs Matt Niskanen from the Pittsburgh Penguins at Dallas Stars game on Nov 3, 2010. via

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby vs Matt Niskanen Nov 3, 2010”

  1. cronin43re says:

    @HammettGates Hockey is not a fighting sport anymore haha did you watch the bruins and habs game there pal pull your head out of your ass you dummy

  2. LastlyMore says:

    I don’t understand the criticism of Crosby. The guy actually steps up and fights his own battles. Not like a lot of those top skilled players out there. The Sedins and Ovechkin for examples.

  3. strker99 says:

    Crosby through him around like he was a rag doll lol, and landed some good punches too.

  4. lilgoalie29 says:

    okay there was a couple good punches but crosby is still a pussy cause if he wasent scared he wouldnt be pulling him down and shacking him like take a punch like a man

  5. bonez1093 says:

    @captslicnic actually i can throw down on skates dont assume you know everyone on here and another one that should get off crosby’s dick all you people acting like he’s your friend and trying to back him up..get over it hes a little girl even though hes a great player

  6. bonez1093 says:

    @sapaintball32 oh really bet your life? what are you his boyfriend relax bitch you dont know me how would you know he would beat the shit out of me? bet your worthless life on something you know i would beat the shit out of you just for being gay get off crosby’s dick he doesnt care about you

  7. sapaintball32 says:

    @bonez1093 ya ill bet my fuckin life he would beat the shit out of you if you 2 fought

  8. MrRunescapeMaker says:

    @captslicnic I play hockey, I’m 11, I fight.

  9. MrRunescapeMaker says:

    My dad is the guy in team Canada jersey at 0:00 seconds behind w/e penguins guy who is rught there head

  10. captslicnic says:

    I’d like to see any of u bitches throw down on skates.. you’d be on your ass before the first punch landed. Doing anything on ice skates, let alone brawl is very difficult and a learned skill.. the fact that he can do it at all, while not being a “fighter” is amazing. Just try it some time with a friend and see how hard it is to do, then u can call his punches weak..

  11. callofdutyenforcer87 says:

    fuck bitches!!! yee crosby!

  12. bonez1093 says:

    yeah look at those girly punches and tugging the jersey..crosby should stick to scoring and leave fighting for a real man..good thing he didnt get hit or he’d be crying about that to the league

  13. Lola6041 says:

    @geodudemaster100 big dreams there, bud

  14. HammettGates says:

    @cronin43re what is funny??if you really know your hockey,,you’re suposed to know hockey is not anymore a fighting’RE lucky if you see one fight in a game…and like 99% of time its always the same~10~players for fighting..Crosby is not a fighter ..who cares..hes just the best player in the world!!just that..

  15. chicken12323 says:

    crosby fought him like a pussy, you call those punches, he was tugging his jersey the whole time trying to throw him on the ground, barely punched niskanen

  16. cronin43re says:

    @HammettGates hahahahaha hockey is not ia fighting sport. but there is fighting in it tho buddy

  17. cronin43re says:

    @HammettGates hahahahaha hockey is not ia fighting sport but there is fighting in it tho buddy

  18. Junker8 says:

    Just want to point out that is 2 years younger than Ovechkin.
    It just makes it a little bit more impressive that at 23 he’s dominating the NHL

  19. euphemismlife says:

    I’m a STARS fan and even I have to say that I’m really impressed with Crosby in this one.

  20. expoze92 says:

    Crosby is amazing he is the BEST! He scores and he can fight!

  21. geodudemaster100 says:

    I’d rather get raped by Roethlisberger then cheer for Crosby.

  22. supergir124 says:

    Crosby didn’t fuck up shit! He tried to pin him to the ice like a UFC match, he doesn’t want that ugly face to get any uglier! Crosby licks my dirty high heels!

  23. calibrationator says:

    crosby. kicked. his ass. and im a crosby hater. he fucked him up

  24. HammettGates says:

    …if you ask to any NHL Team to pick ONE player to build around him..the 30 nhl team will choose Crosby..and thats not a question..and who care if crosby can’t fight???seriously thats the most stupid thing I have ever heard..Hockey is NOT a fighting sport btw..

  25. RobOnDaCob says:

    Nice visor fight…

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