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Sidney Crosby VS Keith Ballard-Pittsburgh Penguins VS Florida Panthers-4-5-09

Pittsburgh Penguins VS Florida Panthers-4-5-09

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby VS Keith Ballard-Pittsburgh Penguins VS Florida Panthers-4-5-09”

  1. Brereton111 says:

    You think not throwing a single punch is a win?
    He tugged Ballards jersey until he full on the ice..

  2. pimpinhector says:

    Yeah thats true but he’s a little bitch about fighting.

  3. pimpinhector says:

    Crosby is good but he’s a little bitch about fighting….But don’t get me wrong he stood up and fought but hes a bitch about it

  4. avtv1111 says:

    I JUST LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 19tazer87 says:

    Pre Sure crosby won…

  6. p95humbucker says:

    @dshunters14514 it was more fun to watch him rape miller in the Olympics and take that gold medal from him hahahaha

  7. pengwinsfan09 says:

    Pens fan. If crosby wasn’t on my team then i wouldn’t really like him either. Especially if he was in philly, then I would hate him. But there isn’t any getting around that he IS or Tied for the no1 player in the NHL. (with ovi). Crosby isn’t a fighter (i think we all agree on that, but as captain, he had to respond to the hit on malkin)

  8. pengwinsfan09 says:

    Everyones view would be different if crosby was on their team.

  9. dshunters14514 says:

    Buffalo Sabres fan here. crosby is a whining little punk. it was fun to watch him get his ass kicked.

  10. pensrock8 says:

    @elephantking47 CROSBY IS N.1 THER QUES TION THAT HES N1

  11. NHLfreak87 says:

    @tharockstar01 Exactly. And great at it. Man I can’t wait for next season! :)

  12. tharockstar01 says:

    @NHLfreak87 true. he’s not a fighter. he’s a play maker.

  13. NHLfreak87 says:

    People say that Panthers fans suck. Just listen to them fcol. They’re great.

  14. NHLfreak87 says:

    @flyers5342 I suggest you actually watch the fight.

  15. NHLfreak87 says:

    @tharockstar01 He’s not meant to.

  16. NHLfreak87 says:

    @elephantking47 Keep in mind that this is a guy who was never meant to fight at all. Bet you would blow chunks if you fought Ballard. No offense just saying. Btw pussy? Come on you’re embarrassing yourself.

  17. tharockstar01 says:

    I think tech Crosby ‘won’ cause he got Ballard down first…but Ballard did get more hits in than Sid…even though I’m a die hard Crosby fan…he really cannot fight.

  18. MW2stickyfingersph says:

    @elephantking47 Thank you you are my hero , someone who actually has EYES i wana buy you a beer haha

  19. elephantking47 says:

    Crosby is a pussy. He’s bit a good fighter. He just pulls at jersys

  20. flyers5342 says:

    @flyingbridgeman2 hahaha he didnt fuck him up at all..he did get punches in but they were so weak and barely did anything. then he just tugged at his jersey and the ref came in. nothing to see there at all

  21. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @flyers5342 howabout the one on halloween vs. the wild where sid fucked up marek zidlicky?

  22. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @reliablethreat23 which is sorta what everyone in the nhl goes for??? your a fuckin retard

  23. Brereton111 says:

    Even though it’s kind of obvious Crosby can’t fight, but you have to give it to him.
    He stuck up for his line mate. Calling him a pussy such as 1988blowme did is idiotic.
    Sticking up for Malkin and going up against ballard kind of means he isn’t a pussy.

  24. 1988blowme says:

    i think after crosby initiated it he was thinking, “oh fuck my life” and takes a punch or two and just throws him down. good job sidney, at least u made it look like u wanted to fight……fuckin pussy!

  25. Br3nd3n14 says:

    watch your heads its keith balllarddd

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