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Sidney Crosby Vists Penguins Hockey Camp

Sidney Crosby Vists Penguins Hockey Camp

18 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Vists Penguins Hockey Camp”

  1. shaftaloo11 says:

    @marlo72421 wow the way u asked it was sooooooooo funny i just couldn’t help myself from laughing…but yeah obviously it was sum sort of lesson/drill

  2. SarahHannah87 says:

    @ hockeystickbd ; You are so right! It is so annoying!!!! All my friends tease me because I like him but he’s such a good guy, why shouldn’t I?
    Those Haters are just Jealous and are pissed that he doesn’t play for their team and kicks their team out of the play offs!
    You are an idiot if you think he sucks !

  3. dsulli8 says:

    me too
    would have been fun
    i probably wouldnt have qualified cuz im a girl
    but idk i wish

  4. dsulli8 says:


  5. dsulli8 says:

    he was just playin around
    leave him alone u punk

  6. dsulli8 says:

    ur so right sid is sooo hot
    idk y everyone is a hater

  7. metalheadsince94 says:

    i agree to

  8. helplessluvr87 says:

    i soooooo agree

  9. hockeystickbd says:

    What a man. I am so tired of hearing all the put downs on Crosby. What’s the problem?? Do I smell jealousy? Crosby can’t help it he is so cute and talented!! What’s with all the guy hater’s on Crosby? Could it be that their girlfriends think that Sidney is so sexy? Gretzky went through the same thing.

  10. helplessluvr87 says:

    its ok
    i thought that 4 a sec 2

  11. marlo72421 says:

    oo lol thats wat it looks like i mean they didnt show the game sorry lol

  12. helplessluvr87 says:

    they were playing a game, he didnt just decide to drag the kid 4 no reason

  13. gotchalk43 says:

    i love sidney crosby and the penguins!! the won there first 2 playoff games against the senaters. 1st the won 4-0 then they won 5-3!! they are awesome. he is so hott tooo!!

  14. marlo72421 says:

    wat the heck is he like draggin a kid in the beginning?????

  15. penguinsmoderator says:

    i wanted to go crosby hockeyschool.

  16. Susant26 says:

    Sidney Crosby is such a sweet guy!!

  17. helplessluvr87 says:

    that really cool…u played with him

  18. crosbykidwoot says:

    aww i remember the time i played with him, it was amazing :)

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