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Sidney Crosby Visits the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Visits the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh”

  1. danielradcliffegirl says:

    So cute, he’s adorable when he’s talking to little kids :)

  2. leafsand87crosby says:

    I put get well because he has a concussion but he is all most ready to play again

  3. leafsand87crosby says:

    I love you Sidney crosby!!! Get well is it possible for people to that hot!?! Oh yeah if some of you guys don’t like Sidney Crosby then why do you watch him? He is so go with kids he makes them so happy he is so awesome I love you sid

  4. starlight13wish says:

    This is freakin sentimental & yet sid noes how to bring those cheeks so high up with a smile ! I lovee youu XD

  5. ty1977 says:

    fuck am i blessed, specially with canadian healthcare, the family also has too stress about the medicle bills while there kids trying to survive

  6. StoryBookMaker says:

    Awee he’s so cute :))

  7. CMarauder17 says:

    awwwwwww love him

  8. Rachelizabeth47 says:

    D’aww,, he says my name at 1:30
    Haha. I love athletes like this.. I just hope he shaves if he does this again, he might scare the kids… lol.
    (kidding, kinda)

  9. pastelpinkgirly says:

    love how he’s like let me take over your chat. POW!

  10. cheercaptain247 says:

    i have the best big cousin on earth !!!!!!

  11. ilove87sidneycrosby says:

    i would give my kidney to make-out with sidney crosby………hes so down to earth:)

  12. LPRox003 says:

    He’s such a great guy, & the little girl at :47 was soooo cute. <3 the Penguins, always doing something nice.

  13. penshockey96 says:

    i think its amazing that he does this out of the goodness of his own heart…not many people do that anymore and that just makes him an even more incredible person
    <3 u sid

  14. mrceebees14 says:

    It’s times like these that I don’t believe in God, a true God would not allow this to happen to infants and young kids.

  15. MrsCrosbyforever101 says:

    he has such a big heart

  16. MrBamaKid says:

    Of all that Heaven produces and nourishes, there is none so great as man.

    CONFUCIUS, The Wisdom of Confucius

  17. chaseman12 says:

    nova scotia

  18. aaronsica says:

    this is sad

  19. Musicfever21 says:

    I love Sidney Crosby. He’s amazing, and really sweet.

  20. AVeryPotterFreak says:

    Damn…he’s so awesome. And he’s so handsome and caring. He’s so good with kids.

  21. saidknee1990 says:


  22. mrslautner2000 says:


  23. StevenSpates says:

    So cool. He is a class act.

  24. HeheTacosRule says:

    @xoloveyou22 Aha Thanks XD i mean hes pree sick!

  25. xoloveyou22 says:

    @HeheTacosRule Best comment ever :) Totally agreed!

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