Sidney Crosby and his most incredible goals (and assists) (RDS, 30 images secondes )

25 Responses to “SIDNEY CROSBY top 10”

  1. 4771491 says:

    Sidney Crosby is Chuck Norris on skates

  2. mavenfrankeus says:

    Cindy Criesbitch

  3. cowboyontherun says:

    @CandyBaBe014 and what are you? a redneck yank?

  4. firkka says:

    pff every kid is training that #1 in public ices even before they can do a wrist or a snap shot.

  5. keeper215588 says:

    #5 is tight as fuck

  6. itouch4gs says:

    best guy= sid the kid

  7. 1handstiggle says:

    @effuup ur retarted sidney is the best, he actually passes out thier. I dont see OVI passing at all, hes a better captain than ovechkin he leeds his team. Unlike ovi.

  8. mackayash says:

    @CandyBaBe014 lol wtf does this even mean? Jesus man you sound like a dumb fuckin trailer trash…I’ve lived in both Canada and the states and by far Canadian people are a million times nicer, we get free healthcare here, less taxes and Crosby is better than Ovy as he’s proven this year…so honestly, I have no fuckin idea what American’s are still doing living in America, based on these facts alone they should all migrate up north.

  9. CandyBaBe014 says:

    ovechkin is the the best everyone knows crosby is a faget canadian but with skill

  10. zupels007 says:

    damn that’s unbelieveable, he’s only 18-19 yrs old in this video, but so nice moves

  11. roxanerighter82 says:

    aah hihi i uploaded a new pic any guys want to chat and maybe more

  12. effuup says:

    crosby’s a boring biotch. These goals are as boring as watching paint dry. Take a look at Ovechkin’s goals and you know where the skills lie. This Cindy Cocksby is falling down and out of it after he shoots. He’s like a stumbling bumbling player. OV just uses skill and power which no one can stop, those are outstanding goals, not Cindy’s goals.

  13. terpsfball09 says:

    @anderson3737 im american and i like crosby and hate ovi….. racist

  14. Pedro78ish says:

    Love him or hate him, he’s still by far the best player in the world.

  15. kylestarky1994 says:


  16. littlesirenboy says:

    @TheFlyersfan1717 If I were chaseman12, I’d Immediatly assume you’re an idiot due to the fact that you’re a Flyers fan.

  17. MarkQuinn2k7 says:

    @chaseman12 All of us here in Pittsburgh thank you. ;)

  18. brosfromothermthrs3 says:

    @anderson3737 my favorite sport is hockey, and those who support crosby needs some education,

  19. TNfelldin says:

    I like ovechking more than crosby… but if i was a coach…i would pick Crosby easy b4 Ovechking… more complete player!

  20. RusGirl10 says:

    @megazordzodzilla это моё мнение))мне наплевать на кросби ещё раз говорю.

  21. megazordzodzilla says:

    @RusGirl10 Я понимаю твою потреотичность и канал твой это показывает,но говорить что Овечкин лучший на данный момент просто глупо.

  22. RusGirl10 says:

    @fanJuventus мне наплевать уступает не уступает мне на кросби пофиг вообще.овечкин для меня всегда будет лучше чем кросби,потому что он мой соотечественник,а кросби и стэмкокс мне никто.я вообще нхл не интересуюсь слежу только за россиянами,а все остальные меня не волнуют.

  23. fanJuventus says:

    И не надо постить такие тупые комментарии типо: “кто такой Стэмкос?” На статистику посмотри.

  24. fanJuventus says:

    @RusGirl10 Овечкин для меня тоже лучший,но не в этом году. Он уступает Кросби по всем показателям.

  25. RusGirl10 says:

    @Blackoutwalkin yeeeesss Aleksander Ovechkin the best!! Stamkos who it?? :D

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