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Sidney Crosby testing out his new stick

Sid testing out his new stick during some photo shoot down time. Unleash your release. Experience the new 11K Sickick III at

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby testing out his new stick”

  1. 7upxoxo says:

    I have the same stick as him. Its a really good stick for a price of 300$. Lmao

  2. voldagar says:

    @mmorgen250 they are using pegs to stop the net moving hes not

  3. Redwingsfan2000 says:

    The net didn’t move when Chara shot cause the pegs were in the net… duhh

  4. mmorgen250 says:

    Theres no way, chara has a 105.9 mph slap shot and he doesn’t move the net at all, Crosby can’t shoot faster than tht

  5. HockeyPrettyBoySwag says:

    u can tell everything is really EXCEPT the puck speed and net movement. fake and gay

  6. yungjibbs9 says:

    i wish my shots made the net move.

  7. goalie31313131 says:

    @dannnnno you’re an idiot, take a physics class and learn about momentum you tard. The net is on somewhat of a frictionless surface (ice). Clearly you don’t know how to use your brain… Or take a slapshot cause every player in the NHL, AHL, OHL and european pro leagues could do that.

  8. sramirez9 says:

    Thumbs up if that last shot made you jump.

  9. ajb438 says:

    @y0osnap thats because it took more than one take to do the pyramid trick, him hitting the puck with the other puck is fuggin real. i cant believe people are trying to say every thing is fake just because he is THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NHL. period he stands alone, the non bias nhl commentators say it themselves. your not a hockey fan if you dont love the things this guy does, your just a fuggin jealous bastard

  10. ajb438 says:

    @dannnnno your fuggin retarded.

  11. dannnnno says:

    LOL … You can’t move a net like that with the puck. Of course it’s faked. The net even moves before the puck gets there … it’s like it’s trying to run away. If you think there’s even the slightest possibility that a human being could fire a 6oz puck fast enough to not only move a 100 lb net but lift it up slightly, you really have to check your intelligence level.

  12. y0osnap says:

    @TgSCRACK NO SHIT THE PYRAMID TRICK IS FAKE look at the the puks on the ground as he shoots the pyramid u guys are so goddam gullable its pathetic

  13. mpkilla55 says:

    @ejl74 Whatever, it looks fake to me.

  14. ejl74 says:

    @mpkilla55 i dont know what the fuck your seeing..are you high

  15. mpkilla55 says:

    @ejl74 No the one right before that.

  16. ejl74 says:

    @mpkilla55 its because it hits the crossbar first then the net

  17. Humperdink17 says:

    What’s amazing is that every shot hits post and still goes in.

  18. mpkilla55 says:

    At 0:45 the net moves before the puck gets to it.

  19. thebanks7 says:

    This is a very impressive display for anybody who has played hockey at any level. Some facts: a puck weighs 6 oz (170 g) and an NHL net weighs either 81 lbs (37 kg) or 90 lbs (41 kg) or 121 lbs (55 kg). He is shooting from the point or about 75 ft (23 meters) away. The physics alone of moving even the lightest net with an object that small, propelled form that distance are impressive. Even more impressive is that he hits the iron of the net on each shot to get maximum impact.

  20. 111timber says:

    Best video ever! He is my inspiration to play hockey! -3

  21. MrTurnerboy100 says:

    that poor poor net….

  22. TgSCRACK says:

    Are you in the Nhl and was youngest captian in it? I dont think so, i hate when people say shit like this one sucks and yet there in the nhl give them a damn break.. Next thing your gonna say is the pyramid trick is fake right???

  23. 310stanger says:

    You retards do know that net wasn’t even anchored in place with the pegs right? The nets get pushed out of place nearly every game. That being said if the net is just sitting there, anybody that thinks a slap shot moving as hard as Crosby can shoot it, isn’t gonna move the net is a moron.

  24. franbran69 says:

    the last shot made me jump

  25. MichaelCassar30 says:

    This was filmed at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa, ON

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