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Sidney Crosby talks about being Sidney Crosby

At times its hard to believe that Sidney Crosby is only 22 years old. Its an off-day for the Pittsburgh Penguin Captain, but there he is fielding questions from the media. While many want to know about his recent scoring touch, we wanted to get a glimpse of what its like to be the young superstar with a Stanley cup ring. Here is a bit of Sidney on being "Sid the Kid".

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby talks about being Sidney Crosby”

  1. thelastdragonx85 says:


  2. randomness6699 says:


  3. WelshyBoy99 says:

    @SneakySnipe1 My dad played with Troy Crosby in the mid 80’s he played on the MooseHead Mounties, my dad was the assistant captain of the team

  4. SneakySnipe1 says:

    @WelshyBoy99 Proof or Gtfo

  5. WelshyBoy99 says:

    my dad played hockey with Sidney Crosby’s dad (Troy) , he was my dads team goalie.

  6. pensfanmrssidcrosby says:

    @cap2allstar the things i would do to be WITH him!

  7. pensfanmrssidcrosby says:

    @ilshockll but i love them almost as much as i love him!

  8. whateveryou8 says:

    crosby is my favourite

  9. ilshockll says:

    hes got big fat red weird lips…

  10. vcchockey1992 says:

    @MySecretEclipse you and 236 other people basically read my mind(:

  11. sophiejo says:


    um, dats cause he has to be. HE’S THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE!

  12. melisa7843 says:

    His eyes shines against the light.

  13. vanillafrapp73 says:

    they spelled Pittsburgh wrong….there IS an “H” at the end.

  14. deatman9 says:

    @MySecretEclipse skannnnnnk

  15. ArtemisArcane says:

    @humairahoque He can play for the Leafs when you pry him from our cold dead hands. lol

  16. cap2allstar says:

    @MySecretEclipse the things i would do to be him!

  17. rockfan2345 says:

    -_- y do people argue bout thier hockey crushes cant ya’ll just enjoy the damn video sheesh

  18. humairahoque says:

    he should play for the leafs ♡ ♥

  19. LorienoftheBlossom says:

    87 likes haha

  20. Shkuess says:

    Okay!! So Sidney, Max And Marc aree all dibbed on? Damn. Wait……..
    Back the F**K off!
    (Holds Hockey Stick) XD. Seriously though.

  21. stalberg19 says:

    hes awesome better than ovechkin

  22. wactown87 says:

    @silybilly899 woah woah i called dips way before u sista!

  23. wactown87 says:

    @nataliehitchcox778 well u can have him. fleurys mine!

  24. ricecooker101 says:

    Haha Calgary Herald can’t spell Pittsburgh!

  25. nataliehitchcox778 says:

    @silybilly899 if i cant have sid then i call talbot!

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