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Sidney Crosby Show

Alternate version

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Show”

  1. ishredthegnar21 says:


  2. affanmuhammad326 says:

    @rapureila yeah right just wait when forsberg returns he’ll take over crosby and ovechkin

  3. TheRikollinen1 says:

    @detroitmcpro Nop. Im fan of LAKings.. And im from Finland so..

  4. MrHonordeath says:

    and why does he only show us the good parts of hes carreer?`-.-

  5. JVhapu says:

    @MrRob7004 thanks for the correction :D

  6. MrRob7004 says:

    @JVhapu Its “Ice crack” not ass crack

  7. monstergummybears says:

    @rapureila ovechkin for life

  8. ItsQuagmire1 says:

    fuck sindnety . OVECHKIN FTW

  9. willeblink says:

    @detroitmcpro Thats where you’re wrong fella, Crosby can play very good D and much better offense than datsu.
    You cant argue Crosby is better player come on now.

  10. detroitmcpro says:

    @willeblink how is he better all around? he can’t play defense lol. datsyuk being great at defense and offense already would be proving my point that he is better as an all around player. crosby is just a better play maker

  11. willeblink says:

    @detroitmcpro As an allround player Crosby is better, accept the fact.

  12. dede94HCC says:

    what’s the name of the song?!?

  13. parisekid8 says:

    Hes so good…and i hate it sooo much

  14. sweheadhunterswe says:

    Sidney Crosby is one of my favorites in hockey

  15. detroitmcpro says:

    @willeblink datsyuk is better that crosby as an all around player in my opinion, like u said defensive center but he can also be an excellent play maker and an incredible goal scorer

  16. detroitmcpro says:

    @TheRikollinen1 yeah its a bias, but half of u r either canadian or just penguins fans. so u could say the same about people who love ovechkin or kovalchuk

  17. MatthewHowardWight says:

    Excellent video. Peace

    -M H. Wight

  18. dustinwm94 says:

    this song is big league by Tom Cochrane. It suits Sidney Crosby perfectly and both are canadian.

  19. wolveshockey92 says:

    perfect song for this video

  20. stamkos61 says:

    @corance17 your an idiot lol

  21. corance17 says:

    ovechkin sucks dick. but ok.

  22. XoCrosbyXo says:

    What song is this

  23. stamkos61 says:

    @willeblink I am not saying it is ridiculous i am saying its ridiculous to think he Ovechkin is not talented and i do believe Crosby is the better player and definitely a stronger playmaker but Ovechkin also brings a Physical element to a game with big hits

  24. footytang says:

    @willeblink dont know about that one, i definitely like Crosby more than Ovechkin, but Ovechkin is probably one of the biggest hitters out there and and one of the top goal scorers, not alot of those to play the game

  25. JVhapu says:

    2:48 “Sometimes at night, i can hear the ass crack, it sounds like thunder and rips through my back” LOLWUT XD
    respect to crosby, i hope he’ll heal in time for the all-star game in raleigh!

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