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Sidney Crosby RBK Ad

An RBK commercial with Sid the kid (Sydney Crosby) starring in it You've seen nothing unless you SUBSCRIBE...

12 Responses to “Sidney Crosby RBK Ad”

  1. Madaquamoon says:

    One of my fav commercials of sid!

  2. naomi505salazar says:

    his voice is funny

  3. jboidaman99 says:

    that is a fact.

  4. jboidaman99 says:

    possibly the gayest man to ever play the sport. TOOL!

  5. IAMCanadian4ever says:

    you cant control that you like men either, forgot about that one didnt you…

  6. Sidkid8711 says:

    sidney you are so amazing…. I love you. and we are going to get married you just dont know it yet!!! : )

  7. rebnadn says:

    did anyone no crosby likes men

  8. zazapk9 says:

    i love you sydney !!!!!

  9. emilyluvscrosby87 says:

    Sidney Crosby is the best!! <3 <3.

    btw: Sidney Crosby spells his name with a ‘i’ not a ‘y’. thought i would tell you!

  10. AlexxMlovesJB says:

    This is so amazing! I love this os much! =)

  11. iluvsid87 says:


  12. Kburns2013 says:

    OMG!! I love Sidney!

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