Sidney Crosby-No Matter What

Another Sid video...still getting used to my new movie maker...not quite sure how it works yet...*NOTE* I do not own pics, clips, or copyright is "No Matter What"-Papa Roach

6 Responses to “Sidney Crosby-No Matter What”

  1. tharockstar01 says:

    @LPRox003 thanks(:

  2. LPRox003 says:

    He looks really good at :53, man he is sooo hot. Great video!!!

  3. tharockstar01 says:

    @penshockey96 thank-you:) i thought that too about the song

  4. penshockey96 says:

    this song is almost perfect for him! great job!

  5. tharockstar01 says:

    @SidneyCrosbyfan8727 Thanks(: glad you liked it

  6. SidneyCrosbyfan8727 says:

    awwwww i love this great job<3
    love his smile:)
    sid you rock :D

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