Sidney Crosby Media Scrum At Pens Camp

Thanks to PensTV for the clip. Crosby talks about the upcoming campaign.

23 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Media Scrum At Pens Camp”

  1. Musicfever21 says:

    He’s so SEXED!!

  2. Musicfever21 says:

    @Nat5582 yea, but he looks hotter with short hair :) plus I think he likes it better so even if it does grow he might cut it again.

  3. 89jpaige says:

    omgg can he possibly get any sexier?!?

  4. tharockstar01 says:

    he is the best:) good looks, great hockey skills, and he’s an all around leader.

  5. ltdegasp says:

    Omg I love his eyes! So adorable!

  6. JenS32 says:

    OMG He looks so hot here!

  7. Nat5582 says:

    I miss his long hair :( It looks too much like his rookie year hair now. Oh well,maybe it will grow back :)

  8. kayy027 says:

    hes sooooo cute!!
    yumm :P

  9. SwarmFan34 says:

    he needs to keep his hair this short thoo.., its getting too long

  10. JRSueEllen says:

    So hot..Ovechkin looks like a homeless guy (NO OFFENSE TO HOMELESS GUYS)

  11. shegotabigego says:

    hes sooooo cuuttee i just love him

  12. switchback7 says:

    your are a clown!

  13. lawlatsociety57 says:

    ovechkin owns this clown =]

  14. kindnsweet17 says:

    omg he looks soooooo hott here

  15. Crosbyx333 says:

    cutie <3

  16. sidneycrosbylvr152 says:

    hottie lol

  17. deBlissEp says:

    he lost his cheeks, but he looks good!

  18. HockeyLovexx says:

    omg wow, he’s looking amazing!
    i can’t wait for the season to start!

  19. householderrachel says:

    he looks hot

  20. SteeltownK says:

    Any time.

  21. SteeltownK says:

    Of course.

  22. sidneycrosbylvr says:

    thanks so much for this..

  23. materializze says:

    THANKYOU for uploading!

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