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Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury & Maxime Talbot – All Star

NEW NOTE: Thank you for your all comments everyone! ♥ Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins; the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions!!! Well first off, this was just a 'silly' idea with this song, but somehow I couldn't resist :) I don't know if this was a good idea but...oh, you gotta love Pens :) So this is a (funny) tribute video featuring Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury and Maxime Talbot of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The song is called 'All Star' by 'Smash Mouth' ***No copyright infringement intended. I DO NOT OWN any clips or music I use in my videos! They are purely fan made. All video clips are property of the NHL/FSN/WB/etc. (The credit goes to rightful owners)***

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury & Maxime Talbot – All Star”

  1. bibbova says:

    @neyder99 max I agree but marc I do not

  2. sportsgurl16 says:

    @KarimBoctorAwad Honestly, yes. If they at least stayed in shape and stuff lol

  3. KarimBoctorAwad says:

    @sportsgurl16 Would they still be hot if they weren’t atheletes?

  4. sportsgurl16 says:

    @KarimBoctorAwad Personally I disagree. Sid, can look pretty darn hot sometime and same with Marc-Andre. Are you saying the same for Jonathan Toews, who recently won the Stanley Cup and is Captain of the blackhawks is awesome at hockey, but he is not ugly, same with Taylor Hall.

  5. panicsscarygood29 says:

    Max and Fleury’s personalities cancel out the ugly for sure, Sid seems like a douche, but I won’t judge because he is an amazing hockey player, and I don’t personally know him.

  6. DutchLame says:

    @KarimBoctorAward They will get a hotter girlfriend bacause there money.

  7. norjak71 says:

    @norjak71 look at this little faggot.

  8. yourmom1511 says:

    @norjak71 LOLOLOLOL thats sooooo hilarious! if hes such a crybaby then just stop watching his videos. FAG

  9. norjak71 says:

    @yourmom1511 crosbys a faggot. voted biggest crybaby of the nhl by his fellow peers. lol.

  10. yourmom1511 says:

    @norjak71 GO AWAY. you comment on every damn crosby video you son of a bitch. quit your jeaous whining an leave. EVERY video, you comment on. You have such a pathetic mancrush!

  11. yourmom1511 says:

    @bananacheekymonkey kris letang!

  12. yourmom1511 says:

    @neyder99 what are you talking about?! haha all 3 of them are GORGEOUS

  13. Misstaylor441 says:

    @neyder99 haha sidney is hot like HOT Max is pretty hot and MArc is ok they are alll good looking though

  14. bhsdhmu says:

    wow 0:11 so fuckin hot

  15. vcchockey1992 says:

    @StandUpForCanada1867 bahahaha thank you for making my night complete(:

  16. supergame261 says:

    @neyder99 lameso i bet ur UGLY

  17. supergame261 says:

    @KarimBoctorAwad u really have bad taste wen it comes to guyz

  18. StandUpForCanada1867 says:

    @KarimBoctorAwad Sidney Crosby is ugly? Really? Sheesh, I’m a straight guy and I don’t even agree with that … LOL

  19. jptennis94 says:

    wait i don’t understand…..marc sid and max are some of the best looking guys in hockey. Especially sid…. :)

  20. bean09ful says:


    THANK YOU some one realizes that beside me!

  21. actanonverba123 says:

    @KarimBoctorAwad THEY ARE SOOOO NOT UGLY! wait a minute. r u a guy?

  22. gosid87 says:

    I think the Penguins have the cutest players in the NHL. :)

  23. rockfan2345 says:

    1:39 and 1:57 play fight how cute :)

  24. ExteelObama says:

    <3this vid :D

  25. 71mrgeno says:


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