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Sidney Crosby INCREDIBLE DEKE Around Tom Poti – EC/SF G3 – 09 NHL Playoffs

Sidney Crosby skates into the offensive zone, 1-on-2, and approaches Tom Poti and gets around him with an amazing dangle and makes him look like a total fool. He does not score on the play but it is still amazing. [ Washington Capitals@ Pittsburgh Penguins - NHL Playoffs 2009 - Eastern Conference Semi-Finals - Game 3 ] Credit to AGreatDayForHockey87 for the clip

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby INCREDIBLE DEKE Around Tom Poti – EC/SF G3 – 09 NHL Playoffs”

  1. raid4000 says:

    @Sinco1967 Not exactly the goal of the decade
    but yeee that would have been sick

  2. ebhayes02 says:

    @HiggsPat learn how to speak english before you talk trash.

  3. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    So far Ovie has left his feet in one game trying to hit another player into the bench, and has batted a disallowed goal in the net with his hand…What’s next he has to try something different this year besides knee on knee how bout a headbutt this year.

  4. Xklusivlee says:

    @HiggsPat So many*

  5. nazkapi1988 says:

    @Sinco1967 ovechkin wouldve scored that

  6. jimih64 says:

    @razorslice17 Originally posted by Milessmile: “The Red Wings fans are all band wagoning douche nozzles. The only reason the Red Wings are so good is because all the players want to win a cup so they go to the Wings because they have won it before, thus reinforcing their talent pool.”

    lolol cool copypaste you uncreative cockhider. Quit being so butthurt over the Wings being a perennial Cup contender and your team sucking balls. It’s not my fault we have a great owner, GM and front office.

  7. TheDanman5000 says:

    ovechkin and crosby are both good, but crosbys more valuable as a teammate. plus where was ovechkin in the playoffs, never shows up. crosbys won gold and the stanley cup. snipes and flashy goals dont make ovie better

  8. italkart24racer says:

    I’ve seen two vids now where either crosby or malkin totally manhandled that whole capital first line.

  9. wb6162 says:

    Cindy Crosby. PFFTT

  10. TheWitchOvAgnesi says:

    “lobotomized both defensemen”

  11. StillersFan33 says:

    @OddJobKid99 well he’s still maturing and developing. he hasn’t fully grasped how the NHL works and how it’s played. that is just due to lack of experience. actually, his scores have gone up. check his stats on the pens website. last year he has 33 goals, this year he had 51. unless i read it wrong.
    anyone, i acknowledge your point, he did not win the cup or gold by himself, he just played a significant role on both teams.

  12. OddJobKid99 says:

    @StillersFan33 i agree with what you said completely but i think should have matured a little bit and gotten better but i havent seen improvment… i actually think hes gotten a lil more mature and doesnt complain as much but his numbers have gone down… :O and almost NOBODY realizes he had a team those days… last i checked they werent invisible… they were clearly there and did their part to help win the cup and the gold medal too… wasnt a one man effort

  13. StillersFan33 says:

    @OddJobKid99 crosby has grown up a lot since then. he was college-aged when he first came into the NHL. that’s why he complains and gets frustrated a lot. ovechkin does take cheap shots, he leads with this knee often but is overall a good hitter.
    your last sentence is true, i don’t know anybody who doesn’t realize that but maybe you do. if ovechkin is as good as people say they are, then he would have a cup by now.
    by the way, i DO like both players, i just don’t like ovi’s fans, in general.

  14. wertaf100 says:

    @HiggsPat ur mom needs big cock and i have 1

  15. luciferfromhell says:

    really damn nice move.

  16. StevoKing1 says:

    damn nice move!

  17. michigannative5 says:

    Oh wow. Amazing. now, anyone who sounds crosoby olnly gets the rebound? is full of crap.

  18. OddJobKid99 says:

    @ecw9719 look at David Clarkson! he is a pretty good and improving foward and getting better offensivly, and on several occasions, proven that he’s a really good defensive player too…. ive seen him several times, take a break away, away! he dives at the person at just the right moment to hit the puck first! and Paul Martin, yes he betrayed my team, Devils, but he is still a solid D-Man and good at the other end of the ice…

  19. OddJobKid99 says:

    ok im a devils fan and i have to admit, Cindy is pretty good… he actually is really good… so is Ovie… i personally like Ovie more but that is my opinion… i think both are over-rated by their respected fans… Ovie fans say “Cry baby Cindy” which i agree with sometimes… Crosby fans say “Cheap shot Ovie” which i agree with somtims too… not as much but still… why cant people like both players? theyre both extremely talented… and btw, Crosby didnt win a cup, and gold by himself… ;)

  20. TheHockeyCrew says:

    please check out my channelif you want other kind of hockey videos, i kinda stopped making videos for hockey, but if i get some more subs i will for sure make more. well once i get 50 subs, and once i get that im making a video of everyone thats subbed to sub and check out my videos.

  21. ricculus says:

    @huskieshockey2 Your kidding right? Hasn’t ovie proven to be overrated and Crosby proven to be the superstar that everyone knew he would be….youngest captain….cup….gold….? Ovie is the ford escort or hockey players.

  22. jimih64 says:

    @godofwar5 Hahaha why would I be angry? You didn’t even come close to proving me wrong about anything. Go back to eating Crosby’s asshole, the internet isn’t for children.

  23. godofwar5 says:

    @jimih64 awwwe sunshine…are you getting angry:(? muffin please doont gooooo:(! lmao fucking moron you are.

  24. jimih64 says:

    @godofwar5 lololol you’re just a faggot ass fanboy. How cocksuckingly arrogant do you have to be to say shit as illogical as what you’re saying, and then turn around and tell other people they don’t know what they’re talking about? I’m done with you; there’s way smarter Crosby fans to make fun of.

  25. huskieshockey2 says:

    ovie is better than crosby but i have alot of respect 4 both more for ovie tho crosby does whine and doesnt hit but has great moves and can score

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