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Sidney Crosby Highlights

Highlights from Sid the Kid's rookie NHL season- observe the awesomeness. Made by MKA6, she gets the credit. Songs: Touch the Sky, Kanye West; American Baby, DMB; Fix You, Coldplay

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Highlights”

  1. Jhamilton707 says:

    crosby IS one of the greatest hockey players ever

  2. pinkmini9 says:

    amazing video! sid is the best player ever!

  3. steroids165 says:

    wttf this is a slide show not highlights fkk this

  4. oehieze says:

    wow.. can you believe its been FIVE years already??

  5. gustavalmius says:

    the song fucking sucks but nice video…

  6. ElectricGod123 says:

    @bluuesaints he already is ;)

  7. karelhain says:

    he is amazing. that’s all can say. juniors gold, olympic gold, stanley cup. whatelse??

  8. ChaseMartinTV says:

    Click on my channel . Do I look like justin Bieber :-).

  9. nunnner says:


    I think its american baby by dave mathews band

  10. stockchalet says:

    Following the war of 1812, the epic battle of 2010 saw the 21st Infantry Battalion of the Royal Canadian Redcoats led by Colonel S Crosby reigning the North an historic Victory over the South reaffirming Colonial Dominance.

  11. jecb9 says:

    odd that the start song was called “American baby” even tho sid is canadian ahaha

  12. flipe125 says:

    @VICEofAXE whatch the vid all of it …….retard

  13. VICEofAXE says:

    this is pics not highlights retard

  14. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    haha ok fag go check out his top 10, and thats how hockey is supposed to be played, but you wouldnt know that would you?

  15. jdog8711 says:

    the sidney show

  16. psheezybaby says:

    what is the name of the first song?at the very beginning?

  17. Soccer9879 says:

    yo bro sidney is a kid let im a chance and when nash score over 2500 point to be better tht crosby???????????/

  18. amazon506 says:

    acutally they do they have videos together

  19. Randi916 says:

    can anyone tell me how i can make one of these videos. how do u guys do it?? lol

  20. niljake666 says:

    actually i think they doesn’t like each other..? :D but yeah

  21. ApachePiL0T says:

    It’s the same argument fans made over Gretzky and Lemieux back in the day. We are fans, and we don’t care about the personal relationship Sid and Ovy might have. We are fans, and people like to make that argument.

  22. amazon506 says:

    Ovech and Crosby are both amazingly talented players. Why argue over who’s better when really they are probably friends. they dont care what people on youtube think of them so why dont you all shutup and quit argueing

  23. zbytz says:

    crosby pretty much only scores tap in goals and 1 on 1 goals. hes the best deker in the nhl easily but his ability to score goals is pretty much pathetic unless he waits by the net and lets gonchar and gill rope em from the point while he taps em and cheers. penguins hockey is pu**y hockey

  24. CTD452 says:

    TRUE… but the point is, Crosby didn’t win the cup by himself, people are always saying that he won the cup because he’s so good, but they’re leaving the other players out of the glory, it doesn’t take one man to win a Stanley Cup, it takes a hard-working team who play 100% every game, not one player.

  25. pens90 says:

    nash shouldn’t even be mentioned with the other three players you listed. he’s gotten his team to the playoffs just once. has only topped 70 pts ONCE. vastly overrated in my opinion.

    basically ovechkin malkin datsyuk and yes crosby have all proven year in and year out that they are on the elite level. nash is not.

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