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Sidney Crosby Highlight Video

Sidney Crosby Video That I Hope You Will Like...Leave Comments

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Highlight Video”

  1. 95TMLFAN says:

    @spencernolanritz your so retarded

  2. NSRSippy says:

    who gives a fuck about canada or russia its all about america fucking faggets

  3. Kevohgotskills says:

    Silly Russians, hockey is for Canadians.

  4. fijiian4life01 says:

    excuses, Crosby won the SUI SO too you ugly fuck. 6-3 you little shit!! I AM PRETTY SURE THE NHL PLAYERS WHO ARE RUSSIAN Shouldn’t HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE RINK SIZE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  5. dodgeviper1345 says:

    @xxJuiccy lol cause most people who watch the videos are a fan of them or the opposite, causing a conflict during comments

  6. xxJuiccy says:

    wow love how this became a ovi between sid thingg 8-)
    why in every video theres got to be an argue between these players

  7. DisturbedRocks31 says:

    @spencernolanritz Thats your stupid reason?

  8. RuinedKnockOut says:

    @SrSports Canada and The penguins.

  9. fxtfusion says:

    @spencernolanritz russians lost because they didnt have teamwork.

  10. longstreet29 says:

    @spencernolanritz even though canadians won huh stupid fuck. your a complete moron.

  11. mawalton9 says:

    Why do people even try to compare crosby to ovie. Crosbys not even the best player on his team let alone the league.

  12. TheGuiltycross says:

    ovechkin is dirty and thrash crosby all the way

  13. thatsmyword says:

    Crosby is a better player than Ovi… Crosby is a team player and you won’t win playoff games being a puck hog… All Ovi does is take a million shots a game and cheap shot people… I would score 3 goals a game too if I took 400 shots a game… The Pens own the caps every year in the playoffs for a reason. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching Ovi play but in reality Croby is a better all around player..

  14. thatsmyword says:

    Crosby is a beast

  15. guillaumemasse1980 says:

    @spencernolanritz yes sure it the the reason sid won gold as jr vs ovi and won game 7 last year in play off and won olympic! it because of rink size! guess what in nhl rink.s are all the same size. in moscu i hope it rink won’t make russia loss! lol

  16. sandycrack96 says:

    ya im gonna leave a comment you fuckin FAG. First, trance music and hockey DO NOT GO TOGETHER no matter how gay YOU are.Second, that goal that “DESERVED ANOTHER VIEW” and the goal that was IN SLOW MOTION….. nothing compared 2 the goals in between or after the goals mentioned above. i think that YOU think that you DESERVE some CROSBY CUM in your BELLY! only in SLOW MOTION though fag.

  17. XurrYQuelTeles says:

    oh yes Crosby is better …

  18. XurrYQuelTeles says:

    Crosby > ovechkin ^^

  19. hgfewq2006 says:

    @spencernolanritz that’s the reason why sweden won at turino and canada at salt lake (both were olympics sized rinks), that’s what i call russian domination

  20. sk0olbd says:

    Ovechkin is twice the player sidney crosby is. Theyre not even comparable.

  21. xreiderx says:

    @spencernolanritz thats awesome man. sounds like a commie thing to say. excuses excuses. don’t you think if it were a smaller rink then the russian would have more energy therefore have an advantage? you’re an idiot.

  22. thesuburbanelectric says:

    Well said. Ovechkin is such a smug prick. Crosby is a classy and humble kid. Let’s hope he doesn’t change.

  23. Mushkiterrihonov says:

    Well I must say the best part about this video is the muzik. You dumb americans wouldn’t know good muzik if it bit you in the ass. By the way for all those who enjoy a good track when you hear it, it’s called StarFire by Alexander Perls

  24. dbeano1 says:

    @spencernolanritz hey u suck spencernolanritz

  25. Jaycee2525 says:


    Olympic ice is for pussies afraid to play physical hockey. Which is why the Russians got owned. They had a bunch soft faggots like Semin on the teams.

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