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Sidney Crosby Greatest Redirect Goal Ever (04-02-08)

Sydney Crosby shows us why he is truly the greatest player in the league as he score the final goal to clinch the Pittsburgh Penguins first division championship in ten years.

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Greatest Redirect Goal Ever (04-02-08)”

  1. CanucksLuo says:

    …people called Gretzky a bitch, too. I think he proved them wrong.

  2. TheSniperShow says:


    you sir, are a complete retard :)

  3. Ryder2012 says:

    check out my channel I pick HOCKEY WINNERS !!!!

  4. dfhockey92 says:

    @fromthepgh no it doesnt dipshit, it means crosbys a pussy bitch and im shocked he scored a goal that wasnt a rebound or empty net

  5. PRIMAL88 says:

    The goal is okay, nothing special…but can you morons stop spelling his name with a ‘y’ already? He’s been in the NHL for 5+ years for Christ’s sake. It’s Sidney, not Sydney. Go watch basketball if you can’t get it right.

  6. ataulosama says:

    Sydney Crosby is the truth!!

  7. xradio86 says:

    @Mrakstunna I know that and I’m not dissing it but the true trophy that is more important to the players themself is the Stanley Cup. If we ask Alexander Ovechkin if he really give the same importance to those individual trophy than the stanley cup well we already know the answer and to close the debate, yes ovechkin is making more points more of a show, cooler goals, etc etc but at the end the fans want results and believe me I will be very happy for him when he will gets his stanley cup

  8. Mrakstunna says:

    @xradio86 ok? so the team effort/chemistry was not completely there as anyone could have obviously seen
    you can’t say one guy is better then the other guy because his team has more accomplishments
    if your looking at an individual one on one competition you look at individual awards… I thought that was pretty obvious and simple
    i duno if u know but ovechkin is the only player ever to win the art ross, rocket richard, hart memorial, lester b pearson trophies in ONE season

  9. xradio86 says:

    @Mrakstunna It is those team (russia and the capitals) who lost too

  10. Mrakstunna says:

    @xradio86 those are team victories you’re reffering to correct? so as you probably have figured the team has to win it?

  11. Jashley079 says:

    @BFFxMATT its funny you say who was in the stanley cup but 1. the pens where there 2 years in a row the two years before last, 2. the penguins ACTUALLY won, and 3. i agree with donkey, they played no one good

  12. fromthepgh says:

    @dfhockey92 wow that just means you like sucking dick hahaha

  13. pensquest4thecup says:

    @luciferfromhell x2! :D

  14. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    I am a huge Crosby fan you cannot compare Ovechkin to Crosby. The youngest Captain to win a Stanley Cup-Ovechkin cant beat this record, youngest player to hit 200 points-Ovechkin cant beat this record. Scored overtime gold medal winning goal. This is very unlikely to happen again in Russia for Ovechkin etc.

  15. dfhockey92 says:

    wow… i hate crosby but that was fucking dirty hahaha

  16. luciferfromhell says:

    @ryan13canada Crosby has lots of deflection mid-air…that is one of things he does real great, but yeah loved the Guerin one!

  17. wvufan9213 says:

    lol flyers suck go pens

  18. xradio86 says:

    @22hockeyman has he won anything yet like the stanley cup or olympic gold?

  19. luciferfromhell says:

    Best Player in the world right now…

  20. 22hockeyman says:

    @Sinco1967 ovechkin rules that was a good play but ovechkin is still better

  21. ryan13canada says:

    I don’t know about Ice Hockey because im defence but in Roller Hockey i’ve done this 3 seperate times, It’s not that hard, Especially when the stick is in front of you. The stick wasn’t between the legs anyway im not trying to take anything away from him he’s an amazing player, I just think the Deflection in Mid-Air are the Hardest ones.. their is a Bill guerin one in the playoffs I believe was the most amazing deflection.

  22. beatonjdt says:

    @strker99 yeah exactly man, i dont like the pens that much but i like crosby he’s a fuckin great hockey player, people are always saying hes a whiner and a crybaby but those people are whining and crying over the fact that they believe he “whines and cries” .

  23. insaneiaq says:

    Man, I sure miss John Barbaro’s voice calling out goals…

  24. Denis543 says:

    im gunna miss Gonchar =[

  25. State0fChaos says:

    It’s a very nice deflection, but I’ve seen better…this definitely isn’t the greatest ever.

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