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Sidney Crosby flipping pucks

Crosby messing around by Fleury flipping pucks

25 Responses to “Sidney Crosby flipping pucks”

  1. 123PokeChamp456 says:

    @yungjibbs9 I really don’t care.

  2. yungjibbs9 says:

    @123PokeChamp456 uuuh lead scorer right now, and yes hes double teamed alot.

  3. 123PokeChamp456 says:

    The only reason Crosby CANT score is because every defenseman is on top of him every second of every game. Everyone knows hes good. Why let him score any goals and risk getting eliminated? I know I wouldn’t. It may sound like Im a Penguins fan. Im not. Ive got a serious grudge against them.

  4. hockeyman241 says:

    pens won the cup!!!!

  5. lmlm11 says:

    I feel like hockey players are like animals at the zoo in this video.

  6. BluePenguinFlu says:

    i have no doubt these two teams will meet several times in the next 5 years for playoffs. neither team is going anywhere. pens are trying to kill their dynasty and start their own.

  7. western91 says:

    must admit. ur pens played well. and congrats to all the pens fans out there….as much as i hate saying it. they outplayed detroit in the last 2 games when it mattered and as a result are the 2009 stanley cup champions. so the rivalry has been fun lol. but ur team came out on top. hopefully we can get into it again next year.

  8. BluePenguinFlu says:

    hmm, why talk so much shit when the series is so even? hmm. hmmmmm

  9. western91 says:

    hmm. no shit

  10. BluePenguinFlu says:

    hm. going to 7.

  11. western91 says:

    they dont have the experience….and game 5 proves that. look how they start playing once they go down a couple of goals. they get flustered. they get pissed off. they take stupid penalties..theres no way in hell malkin should be taking 3 penalties. and crosby for a nice hack job on zetterberg. it just proves. i expect a good game tonight, dont get me wrong, but with dats back, i think series is over

  12. western91 says:

    also want to add….that datsyuk came back and look what he does. 2 pts. whats crosby have in the series??? maybe 3? so keep sayin thats one more thing i can pull out of my ass cuz its the truth. crosby is not as good as every1 makes him out to be

  13. BluePenguinFlu says:

    it goes both ways bud. guess how many people are going to say the pens are out of it and still dont have the experience? a lot. don’t act like everything is biased for the pens, because it isn’t.

  14. western91 says:

    so if theyre walking on water last night….what are they gonna be walking on tmrw night? that was total domination last night. pens looked out of it. had no chance. and thats what i love about the wings….every1 puts them down and out saying they are too old. series is done. then they come back home, and pour it on and tear the pens a new one. and with dats bein back, good chance series is closed out in pittsburgh. i pray hossa gets the winner in o.t

  15. BluePenguinFlu says:

    i said franzen? wtf.
    and i never talked shit about the wings. they are obviously a good team but the penguins are walking on water mentally right now, and if the floodgate that is crosby opens up tonight, its over at the joe.

  16. western91 says:

    i talk shit cuz every1else talks shit bout the wings. and ya. im not gonna lie. the pens looked good in games 3 and 4. but its zetterberg that covers crosby. not franzen. so that made no sense. but well see tonight. wings lose. then u made a good call of pens in 6 cuz ill admit. theres no way wings win in pittsburgh if down in the series. and i do hope datsyuk is back then u can realize how one player will make the wings that much stronger of a team.

  17. BluePenguinFlu says:

    2 – 2. why do you talk so much shit? you act like the wings are gods compared to the pens. and i hope datsyuk comes back for game 5 so that is one less thing you can pull out of your ass and point to.

    poor franzen. he looks tired. maybe he should cover malkin instead.

  18. BluePenguinFlu says:

    here is what ill say. ill say that it must be nice to get goals when the other goalie scores on himself TWICE. and as far as game two, the refs were so far up the redwings butts i almost threw up.

  19. western91 says:

    oh ya…malking fights like a girl

  20. western91 says:

    yet again. 2 games thru the series and what have crsoby or malkin donw??? exactly. so shut the hell up. i was generous giving the pens atleast one win at home. so what are you gonna say now?

  21. western91 says:

    for one, he turned down the pens cuz he didnt want a multi year deal. wings offered him a 1 yr thats y he signed. and ya. keep talkin ur shit bout the wings cuz obviously, were beating the pens and draper or datsyuk arent even playing. so go cry some more like every other pens fan and just like ur so called captain bitchboy crosby. go wings!!!!

  22. poop10001 says:

    the thing i dont understand?.. hossa leaves the pens and turns down a $49million dollar contract because he says he wants to go to a team that can win a stanley cup?..

  23. BluePenguinFlu says:

    well you obviously didnt catch any of the washington / pit series if you are going to say something like that.
    also… you are just naming players saying the pens have to worry about them. great observation. let me see. redwings have to worry about guerin, talbot, gonchar, fedotenko, kunitz, staal, satan, blah blah blah. o ya good luck “shutting down” malkin and crosby this year.

  24. western91 says:

    a cake walk to the finals huh?? then what do u consider this year? lets review….last yr pens faced the sens, the rangers, and philly as apposed to philly, washington and carolina. i dont see either one of those being any harder than the other. and wow malkin and crosby. wings shut them both down last year so i dont see that being a problem. as for the pens. they gotta worry about hossa, franzen, datsyuk, zetterberg, cleary. with guys like lidstrom stuart n kronwall at the point. good luck

  25. BluePenguinFlu says:

    no way are Pens losing in 5. and they are doing WAY better than last year. last year they had a cakewalk to the finals through some crappy teams. this year they worked for it and malkin and crosby are on fire. as for the backup goalie… who cares. fleury is doing great. I don’t think the pens are going to give up two shutouts to start the series before they wake the hell up like last year.
    pens in 6.

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