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Sidney Crosby Delivers Penguins Season Tickets

Thanks to PensTV. Sidney Crosby delivers season tickets to Pens season ticket holders. A great thing that the team does in the community. Welcome to all visiting from the Post Gazette.

16 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Delivers Penguins Season Tickets”

  1. phillyflyersftw says:

    geez, the old man is is like “oh crosbys at my door no big deal.”

  2. phillyflyersftw says:

    geez, the old man is is like “oh crosbys out my door no big deal.”

  3. charangel316 says:

    i was in such a bad mood until i watched this vid. next to my bf, he’s one of the only guys who truly makes my day every day. what a genuine and real person, and so inspiring to all of his fans….keeps it real more than any celebrity i have ever seen. he’s the best! thanks for posting!!!

  4. michelle87xox says:

    <3 love him

  5. travy04 says:

    Yes, I def I agree with you. Little things like that can really make a difference

  6. jonfftl says:

    Not a Pens fan, or a Crosby fan for that matter, but this is awesome. A great move by the organization to show that they care!

  7. xoxbeckxox96 says:

    thank you so much for this

  8. Miketheguitarman says:

    :) Thanks

    MSG me on M.S.N. ID is in my profile. lets do something tonight! PB

  9. KarleyandBrittany says:

    If that was us we would faint!!! :)

  10. boygenius88 says:

    That’s so fucking awesome to have Sidney Crosby come to your house! Even as an Ovechkin fan I would LOVE for him to come to my house and give me a Penguins jersey.

  11. BuffaloSabres11 says:

    really cool!

  12. materializze says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE you, lol! Thank you thank you so much!

  13. SteeltownK says:

    I do have it.

    It’s processing as I type this.

  14. materializze says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have the other video would you?
    Jeez, you were really fast getting this clip up, thanks again! :D

  15. SteeltownK says:

    Of course you are very welcome.

  16. materializze says:


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