Sidney Crosby – awesome sidney crosby

Sidney killing it

6 Responses to “Sidney Crosby – awesome sidney crosby”

  1. jbunit2 says:

    @dloc231 lol i didnt even remember watching this video, i was talking about “Requiem for a dream”…thanks for the reply but its a bit too late now, :P

  2. dloc231 says:

    @jbunit2 wich song there are 3

  3. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    sid rules

  4. ThePens8711 says:

    once again one of the best sidney crosby vids i have ever seen

  5. Shadyhoc99 says:

    Nice vid ! Sidney Crosby isnt just the next one hes A Greatest One!

  6. jbunit2 says:

    whats the name of the song playing in the backgroung?

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