Sergei Gonchar season tickets delivery

Sergei Gonchar delivers tickets to some happy fans. Let's Go Pens!

25 Responses to “Sergei Gonchar season tickets delivery”

  1. joshman783 says:

    penistv? sounds like the right kind of programming for Penguins fans.

  2. tharockstar01 says:

    aww miss him

  3. Jackvijh5 says:

    cant believe that hes gone to senators :(.

  4. CharltonOne95 says:

    was my favorite player on the pens, me being a caps fan

  5. sodmanning1 says:

    that is the coolest thing ever.

  6. FoxnKibbles says:


  7. SneakySnipe1 says:


  8. napajedlacek says:

    why they di dnot invite Gonchar inside?
    too messy I guess :-)

  9. Thorntonator19 says:

    What about when Gonchar was in Boston, alltheblacks?

  10. stevieray351 says:

    hes a nice dude

  11. meishmeal453 says:

    Gonchar is so nice, what a great guy!

  12. UHKappaSig says:

    nice guy

  13. PossessedDonutz says:

    I felt Liberated when that happened I was watching lol like ‘GO GO GO GO!!! THE PENGUINS ARE GOING TO WIN IT ALL” I’m a Mega Sabres and ranger fan idk how lol so I wanted washington out

  14. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    Sergei Gonchar speaks a lot better English than Malkin, LOL!

  15. buccofan27 says:

    traditionally seen as a soft player because he doesnt hit too much…this guy was a WARRIOR playing through a partially torn MCL in the last two series of the playoffs…unbelievable

  16. alltheblacks says:

    I admired Gonchar as a Capital and couldn’t believe it when he landed in Pittsburgh. This was his third time to the finals so I was probably happiest for him to finally get his name on the cup after all those years.

  17. walarissa says:

    ya, trust me i definitely don’t take it for granted but then again, Sydney lives like one street down from my school and Lemieux lives next to the school so where i live its not that big of a deal anymore

  18. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    What the hell? You lucky ass bastard.

  19. walarissa says:

    hes my neighbor, the whole family is really nice, his daughter also goes to my school but obviously i dont see her much since she is in like 1st grade….but hes soooo nice! so is Malkin when he babysits for Gonch

  20. ladymelde says:

    I used to hate him when he played for the Caps, but now I adore him. :)

  21. edd146 says:

    i think he is one of the fastest skaters to ever play the game.

  22. fmthebaron says:

    Gonchar coming back for Game 7 was one of the coolest things ever. Because his presence just pumped up the PENS even more causing them to whoop the Capitals 6-2.

  23. Racefan67x says:

    he has the sickest slap shot ever lol…with out a doubt my favorite player

  24. buccofan27 says:

    sergei….you are a god on the powerplay

  25. girlindistress7 says:

    i love the awkward silence at 4:16 and then hes like “…nice”

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