Senators or Saints?

Although their logo seems to suggest they are mighty as the Spartans on 300, a Senator is actually a member of a legislative body known as the Senate. On the other hand, a Saint is what we all strive to be, especially during this time of year.  Otherwise, Santa won't be shoving gifts down our chimney.  A Saint is actually a person displaying great holiness.  The Penguins have exuded a sense of holiness by winning their last 7 games in a row.  Even with the injuries and such, it is like there is a divine holiness out there on the ice.  After all, everyone knows that God is a Penguins fan.

The Penguins (27-10-1), who have the most wins in the NHL, travel to Ottawa tonight to face the Senators (14-17-7).  Although the Senators have lost their last 3 games in decisive fashion, this is not a team who should be underestimated.  The Penguins will be well-prepared tonight as they are ranked int he top 5 in all the statistical areas below:

Goals per Game: 3.1 (Ranked 5th)

Goals against Average: 2.2 (Ranked 4th)

Power Play %: 26.2 (Ranked 1st)

Penalty Kill %: 87.8 (Ranked 2nd)


So who will win this epic battle?  Senators or Saints?  Well, that's a silly question considering that the Penguins are on the holy path to the Priesthood.  Watch this match-up tonight on ROOT Sports, Channel 659 for DirecTV subscribers.

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